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The Genius of Mayor Michael Bloomberg

New York, New York
by Korifaeus

A great man surrounds himself with great people to come up with the best solutions from legislature, to infrastructure, to the maintenance of a city to be a successful Mayor, the leader of a city. Each and everyone of a Mayor’s choices should benefit the city and most importantly the people, assuring their safety and well-being.

It’s a tough job to be a Mayor and to be the Mayor of a metropolitan city like New York is even tougher.

To make sure everyone stays healthy and folks need not worry to eat in any restaurant in town, our Mayor Bloomberg prohibited Restaurants from using certain bad fats, or shall we say “fats” considered not-healthy by the same scientists insisting egg-whites are healthier than egg-yolks, even though egg yolks are filled with all the essential amino acids including vitamins and minerals, such as B6, B12, Folic Acid, Calcium, Potassium, as well as ” Lecithin” = known to help lower the bad Cholesterol ( LDL), whereas all the bacteria that can be found in eggs are inside the egg-whites which has zero nutritional value.

But hey, the bad fat is making people sick, according to these Scientists and due to the law for not only Restaurants but Sausage makers, too, they now use ” Flavorings” to give Liverwurst the taste it used to have when they were allowed to add the bad but very tasty fats.

I used to buy Liverwurst, Tee Wurst, and then some from New York’s ” Schaller & Weber” – it was delicious, all of their stuff used to be delicious but times and laws have changed thus the ingredients have, too.

These are the new ” healthy” ingredients of a Liverwurst:
pork, pork liver, salt, dextrose, sugar, hydrolyzed soy protein, spices, flavorings, sodium erythorbate, sodium nitrite.

Note, the above ingredients are not outlawed; ” Hydrolyzed Soy Protein” is a clean label for MSG, a taste enhancer, and all of the Soy Products available in the United States are made of GM Soy even if they say Organic = organic just means no pesticides were used and the latter need not be used on GM foods, since they’re modified to repel bugs of any kind.

” Flavorings” – what does that mean ? What flavorings and made of what ? Or what about Sodium Nitrite, known to increase blood pressure and scientifically proven to cause colon cancer ? But okay, no more bad fats, thus in accordance with the new laws supposedly benefitting our health.

Since last year there’s no more smoking in Central Park, and possibly other parks; a very farsighted law, and some say City hall is trying to enforce non-smoking laws for apartments, as well. I’m a non-smoker, thus it doesn’t affect me, but where, if i may ask, should smokers smoke if so they please ? I’m assuming the streets will then be littered with even more cigarette butts than they’re now, since the non-smoking laws in parks came into existence. But hey, no more cigarette butts in central park. Terrific.

No more super size sodas to prevent obesity in kids and adults. Makes perfect sense. instead of buying a super soda for 99 cents, those craving sugar drinks just buy two smaller bottles, i would think. It’s not going to stop folks from drinking soda, but helps the economy = buy two get one free.

Green bicycle lanes all over New York City which hardly anyone uses, with the bikes coming up and down from all directions. Personally i think, it would have made more sense to enforce a law for all bikes to have “lights” so they can be seen at night, especially when coming from the opposite direction ?

Aside from that people walk on the bike-lanes and it’s become a hassle for many bikers to use the bike-lanes, because of folks using them as walkways, thus bikers end up using the street instead of the bike lanes. One could have contacted city-planers of well known bicycle cities, like any city in Holland ( bicycle country of the world next to China) or Hannover Germany, bicycle City of Europe next to Denmark’s and the Netherland’s, as to how best to built bike-lanes and “where”.

But at least New York city HAS bike-lanes should bicyclers choose to ride in bike-lanes – they’re “green” – environmentally friendly.

There are a lot of good things the Mayor has done and all of them with the best intentions, i’m sure. The hybrid buses are exemplary, for example. Also a “green” project. Lovely flowers planted in public places for the spring, which makes the whole city look friendly and joyful. It’s becoming a “green” city – though the budget is in deficit showing red numbers with lots of zeros, as is the word; the enormous investments will pay of eventually, i’m sure, which means lots more “green” ( the Dollar is still green, yeah ? )

A tremendous amount of high-rise buildings have gone up in the last few years, which means many more people, thousands of them; all of them working and spending their money in New York city which helps the economy. Thousands upon thousands of more people on the small island of Manhattan means many, many, many more cars. a nearsighted person would now ask, ” Will more streets be built for these many, many more cars ? And if so, where ? ”

Dear nearsighted people, not to worry, all will be well, because infant formula is no longer pushed by the hospitals, with a law now established encouraging mothers to breast-feed their babies. This law will create healthy babies, ergo healthy future New Yorkers who’re smart and will be able to come up with solutions solving the traffic jam problems will be having by then.

And for those suffering from cracking-joint problems by then, our healthy future leaders fed on breast milk will suggest humans eat more fats to lubricate their joints the same way a squeaky door needs to be oiled once in a while.

Now you see ? Our Mayor Michael Bloomberg is farsighted and way ahead of things; he’s making sure we’ll have healthy leaders for the future in case problems may arise.
Thus thank you Mayor Bloomberg, at least someone who thinks ahead in this country. It’s about time… 🙂



2 comments on “The Genius of Mayor Michael Bloomberg

  1. womencyclists
    January 11, 2013

    Stumbled upon your post because I was looking for posts about bike lanes. I don’t live in NY, but I have heard a little bit about some of the things you mentioned in this post. I think that it’s good to be critical about proposed/enacted changes that are supposed to do good (“the road to hell is paved with good intentions” is ringing in my ear as I type this). Sometimes there are unintended negative consequences to even the most seemingly positive changes.

    A couple things, though. First, if it’s not certified organic, then yes there is more leeway for companies to say their product is organic. True, soy is one of the products grown in the USA where the vast majority (like 90%) of the crops are GMO. However, USDA certified organic means that it’s not GMO.

    Second, our body needs fat to work properly. But, in limited/small amounts and it should be the healthy kind of fat. Like from avocados and nuts. Oils and butters are NOT good fats, and should be used as little as possible. And still, there are certain types of oils that are worse for us and cause the most health problems (like heart disease, for example). Trans fats, hydrogenated fats. Yes, ongoing empirical investigations should be done–especially longitudinal research. But, there is enough scientific evidence to indicate that these fats are particularly harmful to us. And, “scientists” are not a unified group of people, so it’s unfair (and a logical fallacy) to discount this research by lumping them in with those scientists who say that egg yolks are bad.

    Of course, I agree that replacing these bad fats with other bad ingredients (like flavorings and MSG) is not good either. Maybe chefs should learn to cook and make things taste good without using either?

    Third, regarding your comment about the super sized sugary drinks. It actually does make sense. As humans, we tend to love convenience. Make things inconvenient, then many are likely to rethink what they’re doing and change behavior. It’d be awesome if we made decisions based on logic, but we know that’s not the case. It is more inconvenient (and costly) to have to buy two drinks, that are smaller, and to drink them each than it is to have it all in one big container. Will that, alone, reduce the amount of pop that people drink? No, nothing is ever addressed with one strategy. But, if it’s one of many, now we’re talking!

    Fourth, I was confused by your comments about bike lanes. In one paragraph you comment that “hardly anyone” uses the bike lanes. While I doubt that’s even true and is probably based on your unsystematic, biased personal observations (subject to confirmation bias)…you also provide a very logical reason why some cyclists would chose not to use the bike lanes: people walk on the bike lanes. So, why would making cyclists wear lights address this problem? Your logic is a bit off here. (Also, what did you mean by “lights” — I didn’t get the use of quotes here.)

    Again, I think it’s important to be critical and thoughtful about social changes such as the ones happening in NY. And I could tell that you were throwing in sarcasm in here, and I’m a huge fan of sarcasm and use it in my writing, so maybe I just wasn’t “getting it.” There were just a couple things I wanted to respond to.

  2. Korifaeus
    January 11, 2013

    Dear Womancyclist

    First, thanks very much for your comment, and i appreciate and take your logic into consideration, thus wish to comment on your points made.

    1. My understanding, as to Certified Organic, is that Produce and livestock is consistent with the standards of biological pest management, exclusion of all synthetic chemicals, antibiotics, and hormones in crop and livestock production.
    Since GMO produce are naturally bug-repellent ( as in Canola, for example) there’s no need for pesticides, thus it’s ” biological” pest control, would you not agree ? I fail to see any statement as to exclusions of Genetically ” modified” plants on this page > http://www.usda.gov/wps/portal/usda/usdahome?navid=ORGANIC_CERTIFICATIO

    Perhaps i missed it ?

    2. If you ask 101 Physicians, as in MD’s, you’ll get 101 different answers. Nobody knows “the” truth and has all the answers, would you not agree ? All we can do is choose the argument that makes most sense to “us”, until a new theory comes about – since science facts are constantly over written.

    When you state that ” oils” and ” butters” are not good fats, may i ask to “whom” they’re not good fats ? To uncountable folks all over the world, as well as me, Olive oil, Sunflower Oil, Thistle oil, and some other highly thought-after oils are VERY healthy. As far as ” Butter” is concerned, again, to “whom” is butter not a good fat ? To uncountable folks, as well as myself, butter is a great fat; i like butter, enjoy butter and there is far more Scientific research speaking for butter than against it. ” Real” butter, that is.

    On a side note, and please correct me if i’m wrong, but is an active ingredient in *Statin drugs (*Cholesterol lowering drugs) not Butyric acid, which is derived from Butter ? And is it not hydrogen atoms turning good oils into bad fats, as in ” Margarine” ?

    3. The intent for downsizing super size sodas, as i understood it, is to stop “obesity” and for addicts, specifically “sugar addicts” it’s not less convenient nor stops them from drinking sodas, nor stops obesity. I know Soda drinkers, obese ones, they just fill their cart up with a few smaller bottles, go home, take two bottles into the living room, plus the family size pizza ( carbs) and for desert a few pop-stickles. How did the Soda inconvenience(?) stop Obesity ?

    4. Would you agree that when one waits to cross the street and repeatedly sees about 7 to 12 delivery guys on bicycles come down the “street” and only one using the bicycle lane, but riding opposite direction, it can be interpreted as ” hardly anyone” using the bike lanes ?

    As far as ” lights” is concerned, i was referring to head lights- the great majority of delivery boys on bikes do not have headlights and it’s not uncommon they ride the streets or bikes in opposite direction, thus at night it’s very tough on pedestrians because they now have to watch the street AND the bike lanes and often find themselves jumping to the side, with unseen bikers coming from the wrong direction. I guess you have to live in the city and observe/experience it yourself, since you stated you’re not from NY ?

    Also, i’m a fan of the Mayor, as is very apparent from the articles in which i mentioned him, but as such i allow myself to also be constructively critical, which is what friends are for. Folks who mean well, point out where something can be improved, while sycophants only applaud = no progress. It’s my satirical way of showing “support”.

    As far as my logic, etc ( as you mentioned) is concerned, nobody is perfect. 😉
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


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