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Is there a Vendetta on Katie Holmes ?

Out to harm
by Korifaeus

In my years i’ve seen many shows close early, even Neil Simon had to close early at times in recent years, due to having picked the wrong director ( Joe Mantello )and re-writing the play until all the funny bits were gone. I’m referring to Neil Simon’s 1997’s “Proposals” which i read in its original form. I was in stitches laughing – it was SO funny i truly had tears in my eyes from laughing so hard, it was hilariously funny.

Then came the re-writes which it didn’t even need, and whatever it was that behooved him to do so, he ended up removing all of what made it so funny initially.
” Proposals” opened in November of 1997 on Broadway and closed in January of ’98.
When the papers announced the Show will be closing, no one blamed the actors, nor a specific actor. In the history of Broadway shows closing actors have never been blamed, nor were they personally attacked, as though they’re responsible for a non-success of a play.

It’s 1. the Playwright, and 2. the Director who’re responsible if a play is not successful. Sometimes it’s just the writer who stinks, or the director not understanding the play and clueless as to how to direct. If the wrong actor was picked for a part then it’s NOT the actor/actress who’re at fault but the Director, or whoever cast the actor/actress.

This morning i picked up a New York Daily News and the New York post, just to page through over a cup of coffee. Both papers made a big fuzz about the early closing of ” Dead Accounts” a Broadway show starring Katie Holmes. The headline of the Daily News read as follows: ” Katie’s play a ‘Dead’ end – Holmes’ Broadway bomb closing.”

Pardon me, but did Katie Holmes write the play, “Dead accounts” ? I think not, thus why call it ” Katie Holmes’ bomb” ? Because she was starring in it ? Anything to sell papers, huh ? If anyone should be blamed for the play being a bomb it’s the playwright, Theresa Rebeck, and the secondary person to blame would be the director. To put blame on an actor/actress for a show prematurely closing, just to get a headline, is a low blow.

But it’s not just the headline, here’s how Ethan Sacks ( daily news writer) chose to embarrass himself in public, by writing of Katie Holmes, which reads like a personal vendetta of sort, and makes not Katie Holmes look bad, rather Ethan Sacks look ugly.

Quote, Daily News, Dec. 29 – 2012, page 3, by Ethan Sacks:
” Play ‘Dead’ – Holmes (Yawn) B’way run to die prematurely.
Excerpt : “Holmes was famous for being Mrs. Tom Cruise and she’s not even that anymore”, a Broadway insider told the Daily News’ Confidenti@l. ” If she can’t keep a Broadway play open for 16 weeks at a small theater, what’s next for her ? It’s not good”.
Don’t ye just chuckle when reading a “Broadway Insider” told that to the reporter ?
Everyone knows that “Insiders” who can’t be named but quoted as supposedly having told something to a reporter, don’t exist.
An “Insider” told… usually means the reporter wants to say something nasty about someone, without anyone learning it was the reporter him/herself wanting to state something nasty.

Point being, these attacks are uncalled for. If it is a lousy play blame the playwright, Theresa Rebeck, not the actress hired to play a part. Unless of course, there is some funky Scientology vendetta going on to get back at Katie Holmes for divorcing Tom Cruise ?

New York Post’s, Bill Sanderson, also felt the need to cause needless harm, blaming Katie Holmes for the closing of the show, and wrote, Quote, New York Post, Dec. 29, 2012, Page 3, by Bill Sanders:” Holmes has one note – shrill, impatient – and yells it at top volume, making a vein bulge on her slender neck” , wrote The Post’s Elisabeth Vincentelli.

Why did Bill Sanderson feel the need to quote Elisabeth Vincentelli, whose remark reads more like a personal zinger than an educated and objective review ? Why not blame the director, Jack O’Brian, whose had notorious failures in the past, but Broadway and critics continued to be kind to him. Why do the headlines not read “Jack O’ Brian’s directorial disaster” ? Because most people don’t know who he is. It won’t sell papers.
Or, why do the headlines not read, ” Theresa Rebeck flops on Broadway” ?
No one knows who she is, it won’t sell a paper.
While these two are the only ones responsible for the play’s failure, they must feel mighty dandy not to be mentioned once in the papers.

It’s the first time i’ve ever seen an actor/actress being blamed for the closing of a show, and personally attacked with such venom, with the media finding a great scapegoat in Katie Holmes, which means we have reached the nadir of media ugliness…

Happy New Year



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