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Should we allow an “insane” man to depress the entire nation ?

Land of the “Brave”
by Korifaeus

I first heard about the Sandy-Hook tragedy when a close friend of mine called me while i was in the middle of working on the Xmas Reality show creating a funny sketch for the series.
” Did you hear what happened ?” he asked in a sombre tone of voice.

I didn’t have the slightest idea nor inkling as to what he could possibly be referring. He then told me about the Sandy-Hook tragedy and my mouth was wide open when listening to the details as to what he just saw in the news.

Instantly i got chills over my back, i felt freezing cold, i was in “shock” as most everyone was when first learning about the horrific tragedy of yesterday. Zillions of pictures came into my mind at the same time, visualizing children, little children ages 5 to 10 – the cutest age – the most innocent time in a child’s life – adorable pre-schoolers, first graders – children giggles; i felt shock and disbelieve.

Who could do such a horrendous act ? IMPOSSIBLE. It’s unfathomable a person, any person, could be capable of crime of such proportion such as the one we’ve been told about in the news. I can’t even write it nor do i have to ; we all know what is said to’ve occurred.

My heart went out to the parents and i felt the same sorrow for these parents as i did for the parents of the two little kids who were …sent to heaven prematurely by their nanny only a couple of months ago right here in Manhattan.

I can’t imagine, nor do i want to imagine, the pain it must cause a parent who sends his child/children to school and it/they never return. I refuse to imagine what it must feel like because i know it must be too much to bear.

SHOCK – a shock we have gone through and go through every few months and have gone through since the death of President John F. Kennedy, which was the very first time this country, the entire nation, was in shock, holding one another close – neighbors, co-workers, family members and even those who fought the day before embraced each other to comfort one another to overcome the shock.

Since then we’ve endured many tragedies in this country; more recently Columbine, 9-11, Ford Hood, Aurora, and now this.

Each and every one of these tragedies was caused by the hands and actions of a human being – not an alien from out of space – not natural catastrophes – not epidemics, earthquakes nor illnesses but the hands of a person, which makes it so incomprehensible leaving the nation, the country, in shock.

Everyone i encountered in the city yesterday was talking about it in “shock” and utter disbelieve. Everyone i saw in stores, cafes, markets, etc. was quiet – in a sombre mood.

This morning i got up as i do everyday. I didn’t think about it rather thought about the things i needed to do and the tragedy did not come into my mind until i walked past the news stands, seeing the headlines i was reminded of yesterday.

I walked on, rode the bus, ran my errands and didn’t think of it again. The headlines of the papers suggested the entire nation should be in mourning. People suffered the horror of the tragedy yesterday – truly “suffered” with the victims, the families, feeling sorrow for every single one having lost a child, a loved one. The entire country felt the “pain” and experienced

About a half hour ago i checked twitter and Steve Martin tweeted some funny tweets. I was thrilled because it made me laugh – we all need to be cheered up a bit right now – we also need to move on and not suffer yesterday – we’ve gone through this one too many times in recent years with us all suffering again and again, causing many to become fearful, depressed and generally “unhealthy” from going through shock over and over again. When will it stop ?

As much as i was grateful for Steve Martin’s tweet, others did not share my sentiment. One person replied to him stating
(paraphrase):” This seems a little out of sync with the country’s mood”. Another person replied to the latter, stating
(paraphrase) “Exactly what i was thinking”

But someone who felt the way i did replied that a cheer is needed. I agree.

I was flabbergasted why anyone would criticize Steve Martin for trying to lift our mood ? Especially right now when we really need it. And i wonder if it occurred to those not approving of Steve Martin writing humorous tweets that there are Americans who go through personal suffering, as well and right now and every day – a child receiving Chemotherapy – a mother diagnosed with Breast cancer – a Soldier just having lost a leg and the list goes on, while these people suffering personal tragedies learn about the horrendous tragedy having struck the nation, and suffer that tragedy aside from their own personal challenges.

We ALL; healthy, sick, in remission, or having lost a loved one, need to get to the next day as unharmed as possible to remain “healthy” for our loved ones – and if a witty tweet, a joke, a chuckle can get us through the day and make us stronger – help us overcome the suffering – not allow an insane person to take all of us down, depressing the entire nation – thank God for the ones who dare to cheer us up. Every Physician knows “laughter” is the best medicine.

It is not inappropriate to try and find joy only so to be able to overcome a horrendous shock. It is the most natural thing to do and part of our eternal survival instinct – it takes inner strength, “bravery” to overcome these tragic obstacles to our nation, our country, our people, and if a little humor can do the trick, then there’s nothing wrong with that.

God invented Humor to keep tears company




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