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Is the ” left ” right or wrong ?

by Korifaeus

Politically lots of folks are on the left and for some mysterious reason believe it’s the right thing to do to be on the left, …it’s as odd as it sounds. I’ve never been on the left ‘cuz i want to do things right; not that i always do everything right, i’m human after all and humans make mistakes, but… i “try” to do things right – i “try”.

I’ve written about the beauty of language ( English and other ) many times, especially about words like ” righteousness”, which i find so fascinating and enjoy commenting about ‘cuz i’m positive there is a reason why it’s called “righteousness” and no such word as ” lefteousness” exists.

But one can observe this right and left or right and “wrong” word-phenomena not only in the english language; it exists in many languages, which to me is even more fascinating.

Let’s take some well known American/English expressions as an example; ever feel or felt “left” of center ? If you’ve ever felt “left” of center you know you didn’t feel well = not 100 % healthy, or up to par.

Surely there must be a reason why the master inventors of language and expression didn’t call not feeling too good, ” feeling RIGHT of center”. They called it, ” feeling LEFT of center”.

When something comes out of “left” field it’s not something that’s right, positively surprising and joyful. Nope ! It means an ” error”, something wrong, or a statement coming out of left field = something confusing, ignorant, embarrassing.
Or what about a ” left-handed” compliment ? Not a compliment i would want to get = insincere, dubious, etc.

What about left-overs ? Anyone want the left-overs or would most prefer the fresh new crispy yummy bread and food of du jour ?

Really, left anything is not something positive, while yet the political left continues to believe they’re doing something right ? I think not… ? 😉

Photo/Cartoon Credit: Lefthandersday.com



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