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Who are the Computer-Hackers ? Scientology or Fox ?

News corp. Thetans ?
by Korifaeus

One truly wonders how much audacity, or rather non-scruples, it takes for well known people to engage in criminal offenses and believe they can get away with it ? Hacking is a criminal offense and it’s just a matter of time for hackers to get caught.

But when it involves big conglomerates and well known people, as in U.S. celebrities, they appear to often be under the impression their fortune 500 status and celebrity status let’s them get away with illegalities and offenses of different kinds – or so it seems.

A few months ago i did some research looking into political blogs to see what sort of folks interact on them and what political blogs are all about; having been pretty much ignorant about the internet in general until earlier this year when i started my online entertainment boutique.

It is/was after all election year, thus i was curious to see what Americans want to see in a President, expect from their Government and most importantly what the “common denominator” is of U.S. Americans – if there even is a common denominator.
What it would take for everyone to see eye to eye – the one thing connecting all of us making us ” Americans”.

Seeing Greta van Susteren’s show one day while at a friend’s house i decided to check out her blog, Gretawire, which she regularly promotes on her Fox news show “On the Record” – a non-moderated political blog where people are invited to freely express themselves and opine as to their views and visions, interacting with one another while hiding behind their screen names, allowing them to have the impression they can remain 100% anonymous to exhibit their true inner selves to the fullest.

Everything, i found out, was allowed ( outside of the use of words such as ” cock”, thus one would have to use the word ” rooster” instead) giving the impression Greta van Susteren encourages personal opinions all the way. At least that’s the first impression one gets when checking out her blog; but i was soon to learn nothing could be further from the truth.

From the start i was told by Greta wire posters it’s dangerous to use one’s name, the reason why folks prefer hiding behind monikers; that they’ve been threatened in the past, fearing for their lives and family, the reason they started using avatars/screen names

That it could be dangerous was a bit what befuddling to me; what sort of folks would threaten people just because of having a different political opinion ? I continued writing, interacting, responding and asking lots of questions (everyone was informed i was on the blog to do some research) and the more i looked into the Open-threads, the more bewildered i became witnessing a cruelty, not to say evil, i believed existed only in scary movies or such. People, *real people,( *apparently ?) really talk like that ? Attack and accuse “fellow” human beings, fellow “Americans” in such crudeness that it makes the hair on one’s back stand up ? ( when one has “common” sensibilities, that is)

I was shocked. But more so because the blog’s host, Greta van Susteren, apparently didn’t care about the racist remarks, anti- semitism and “hard-core” vulgarities, as well as threats, as in “physical” threats to people’s lives, occurring on her blog.

It’s so crude and outrageously vulgar in fact, that as an adult woman i was shocked, never having witnessed nor experienced anything so “disturbing” that it should, by all means, be listed as PG 21 with a warning label cautioning folks about to enter the open threats about the ” Explicit Vulgar Hardcore Content and Racism”. Plus, ” Be aware your life may be threatened on these threads” ( they should be called “Open Threats” rather than Open Threads, for that matter)

As if that wasn’t all. I got to know a very different Greta van Susteren than one is familiar with from her Fox “On the Record show”.

Should she so happen to spot a poster who disagrees with her, the poster will be cast out by her personally in ways of her creating a post/thread in which she names the person’s screen name calling him/her “shameful”, disgraceful and the like, and basically invites her “loyal” fans to attack the person, similar to putting someone in the middle of a market place to be stoned by the masses loyal to their leader. Ergo: Personal opinions and freedom of speech is allowed and acceptable as long as it agrees with Greta van Susteren ? Thus not really a supporter of freedom of speech, and personal opinions, ‘cuz one supporting “freedom of speech”, our constitutional right, will also respect opposing opinion.

She doesn’t stop at that and seems to have a passion for watching her loyal followers take anyone apart whom she chooses to name, from people posting on her blog, to her fellow Fox colleagues, to tweeters whose grammar she does not approve of, which is another one of her pet-peeves = trying to find fault in people’s grammar, while her posts are often times filled with phonetic spelling errors ( “one” instead of “won”) and faulty grammar from the get-go. As an old saying goes, ” those with the most sins throw the most stones = we haven’t evolved too much since Jesus stopped folks from stoning Mary Magdalene. Mrs. van Susteren appears to find great pleasure, encouraging her followers to rip folks apart.

And while she criticizes most anyone disagreeing with her, points out grammar mistakes she finds and embarrasses her co-workers by posting videos about their messy offices and desks to point away from her very own messy desk, she appears to ignore the explicit vile, physical threats and “slander” as well as the harassments going on in the open threads of her own blog – never to call any of the most outrageously vulgar posters out to call them shameful, nor their actions disgraceful – while outcasting folks interacting civilly but so happen to disagree with her, to be stoned ( allegorically speaking)

Even the computer/cyber “hacking” problem appears to be utterly ignored by her, with posters often mentioning their computers, Facebook pages, etc. were hacked ( which is a criminal offense) ever since posting on Gretawire. Why these people, whose computers etc. were hacked, continued to stay on her blog is just as mind-boggling.

Around that time i learned Greta van Susteren is a Scientologist, but it’s a free country and everyone may do as they please – i’m all for freedom of speech, freedom to worship as one chooses, even if it does not agree with my “personal” belief, i respect it. I didn’t know much about Scientology thus looked into it and wrote an article as to my personal feelings about it, ( How dangerous is Scientology, or is it ? ) after analyzing their personality test, when shortly after it was announced Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are divorcing, which apparently prompted Rupert Murdoch to tweet that he found these people to be evil (Scientologists that is).

It is somewhat peculiar he would call anyone evil after his company News Corp. was busted in a phone-hacking scandal in the U.K. as reported in the news media, and even more so since Scientologists apparently work for him, as in Greta van Susteren ?

Curious, too, i found was that i was on a blog owned by Fox = News corp. – Gretawire.com being registered to Fox, not Greta van Susteren herself – on which posters insist their computers were hacked since they were on that very blog. Scientologists have often been accused of intimidation tactics, as well as cyber-hacking, and casting folks out, when disagreeing with Greta, can most definitely be considered a form of intimidating folks, which is not a pleasant character trait by any measure.

But to make herself shine while exhibiting a most unsympatico side of her personality, she regularly posts about south-Sudan, calling it a “genocide”, even though a “race” of people is not being killed by another race; America’s civil war was not a genocide, either, it was a “civil war”.

Thus one day i dared to inquire if she cared more about Sudan than the U.S., having gotten word that some NY orgs. and private citizens emailed her about the handcuffing of school children = driven in hand cuffs via “ambulance” to hospitals ( well known to New Yorkers) – while those mailing her never heard from her, never got a reply, thus i wondered if she even cared what happens in this country.

Note: I inquired weeks after i created a channel and video to help her get attention for Sudan, which she never acknowledged in any way.

I did expect a defensive reply from her as to my inquiry, but not what was to come. The very next day, after thoroughly checking out what she, or her assistants, could find out about me on google, looking at my magazine, articles, books, etc. ( i was able to see from where my sites were clicked via my stats) she created a ” Dear Leagan” post to me on her blog, which entailed a very long defense speech apparently trying to persuade me ( or herself) that she “cares” – cares about people – all people – truly cares.

She not only posted my name in the headline of that blog thread, but tagged my name, as well. Little did i know that it meant my name would be linked to Gretawire from that day forward, which basically meant that anyone trying to look me or my works up on google, Gretawire will come up in a great majority, rather than my sites, my videos, songs, books, etc.
That problem has been fixed since then.

But that wasn’t all – the next day she posted about another person whom she called out by her SN, while putting my name once again into the headline of that post, too. But that wasn’t all – my wi-fi lock was unlocked and i found it was unlocked from the ” outside” – which, as i was told, could only have been done by very sophisticated hackers.

I had it locked up again, but it was being unlocked from the outside once again. At the time i was traveling, thus switched and used the hotel wi-fi instead because of the constant unlocking of my own wi-fi, feeling it was insecure. That night on Gretawire, after she switched the discussion format to another format, posters accused me of writing under a different name, though on my screen i saw my very own name. They then accused me of “hacking” into Gretawire and lots of other outrageous accusations.

Luck was good to me because that very night i filmed the threads on which i interacted with a camcorder, ( which i’ve done before) while sitting in front of the hotel security camera for several reasons;
1. I was still doing my research.
2. Posts disappeared in the past that were clearly there,( which i witnessed) while Greta van Susteren would insist no posts disappeared. ( she “supposedly” interacts and responds herself to posters on her blog)
3. I wanted to have evidence to see if some things occurring on the blog were technical glitches or something more sinister. I come from a Copper/ Judicial family, thus “evidence” is always on the top of my list ( it’s genetic, ; )

Well, … aside from outrageous accusations that i’ve supposedly written some nasty emails to a gretawire poster ( i kept the “very kind” email i sent) thus “slandered” publicly since i used my name, accused of being Kurt ( a vile poster many are accused of being) and some other things, i was being accused of a criminal offense = hacking into Gretawire.

Really odd was that one of the accusers suggested i suspect being” framed”, something i never even considered at that point and a word i never used, which rang alarm bells, because it seemed as though the accuser was “projecting” perhaps ? Was i being framed ? Did someone try to frame me for hacking into Gretawire while hacking into my computer ?

How relieved i felt at that moment that i had it all on film.

The next day i emailed Fox headquarters, to whom the blog is registered, the webmaster of the site – as well as Mark Monitor, the company owning the sites – with the link to the thread on which the slander, technical glitches and “hacking accusations” took place.

I also contacted a friend retired from the FBI, sending him the link, as well as a German friend at the BKA ( German FBI) specializing in Cyber crimes, etc., curious as to their thoughts on it and to perhaps look into it, should something somewhat more “sinister” be going on there (considering the explicit content that should have warning labels, as well as physical threats to posters). To report it is the right thing to do, ‘cuz what if this happens to someone in the future whose life can indeed be harmed because i witnessed something but didn’t do anything about it ? “Never create regrets” is a motto of mine; i’m a consequential thinker = i see a plastic bag on the floor in a supermarket and pick it up, knowing someone “could” slip on it = common sense “morality”.

Back in NY my wi-fi was unlocked twice once again, thus i contacted my wi-fi server, etc. giving them the name of the site (Gretawire.com) on which the mysterious un-locking took place repeatedly.

Some time later i got word that someone else was accused of being me, and addressed with ” Leagan”. Thus according to the accusers i was writing under someone else’s name, which is quite interesting, because the hi-jacking of names/screen names is a very common occurrence on Gretawire, as well – my name was hi-jacked several times and some found it apparently funny to post outrageous statements using my name. The person the accuser believed was me, was then accused of using Greta van Susteren’s name, ( a criminal offense = impersonation ) and hacking into Gretawire. But that, too, was caught on camera/film and i saw the video.

I never heard from Fox, to whom the site is registered – never heard from Mark Monitor, nor the webmaster. Nor did i hear from Greta van Susteren to whom i sent a mail explaining what occurred on her site and what occurs all the time ( from Racism, to anti-semitism, to threats to people’s life, threats of physical harm, slander and accusations of hacking). Miss van Susteren does apparently not care sufficiently about her fellow human beings to try protecting them from harm, thus one is left to wonder…

Mind you, i like Fox, well, … i like Bill O’Reilly – exemplary, witty, intelligent. I like Shepard Smith and Harris Faulkner.

Thus, i wonder, is it Fox who’s behind it all, hacking into computers, Facebook pages, unlocking wi-fi locks, which is not too far fetched considering it’s owned by News Corp now infamous for the “hacking” scandal ? Or, is Scientology behind it, since Greta van Susteren is a Scientologist ?

Whoever is behind the cyber hacking, one thing is for certain; big brother watches everything and Churches are not responsible for the actions of their members. Some may think they can hide behind or within a Church or Religion, be it Christianity, Judaism, Islam or Scientology, even inside or behind the name of a mega conglomerate like News Corp. believing it makes them untouchable – in the end Fox, to whom the blog is registered, and Greta van Susteren personally, is responsible for the criminal offenses taking place on her blog.

As for my research; let’s just say… Santa won’t be coming to some people this year. 😉



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