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The end of the World…before Christmas ?

That said…
by Korifaeus

I almost forgot, did you ? Since pretty much the beginning of this year we’ve been told that a very renowned/respected Mayan Calendar states the world will come to an end on December 21-2012. I’m assuming it was important for the media to let all of us in on that so we can prepare – how, exactly to “prepare” for the end of the world, however, is not easy to know. Why even …”prepare” ?

But, one thing we surely don’t want to miss out on and that’s Christmas. No end of the world unless we have Christmas first. At least that’s what it seems like. Until i just remembered the doomsday prophecy of the Mayan Calendar i was a bit what in wonderment why the Christmas decorations started so early this year. Supermarkets outed their Chocolate Santas, Red and white socks,etc. the day after Halloween. Stores usually wait for the Holy Holiday decor until after Thanksgiving – but not this year.

Christmas trees were available to New Yorkers in some neighborhoods the day “before” Thanksgiving. Aside from Thanksgiving being very early this year, as well.

It’s progressed like that over the years that stores began their Christmas season earlier every year, and if it wasn’t for this year being the last one ( ‘cuz it’s all finished on Dec. 21, as i understand it) they would have started next year right after Easter.

It’s pretty obvious the stores and all are taking the doomsday thingie of the Mayan’s quite serious and want to help folks have the chance of celebrating Christmas since there isn’t going to be one; Christmas Eve is on Dec. 24th and Doomsday strikes on Dec 21st. Best to light the Christmas tree and give out the presents on the 19th. That way everyone can recover from the partying, enjoy the gifts for a couple of days, and be 100% sober by the time Doomsday strikes. Best to have a clear head that day, ‘cuz that’s something no one should miss. If there was a day after the ” World is going to end day” it would most definitely make headlines, but… over, finished, nothing will exist, thus no papers either. And oh boy, the news media/tv, is probably already suffering the loss of not being able to report on the biggest news EVER to happen on earth.

There will be no Breaking news about it – no headlines in the papers – after doomsday there is nada.
And to not miss out on it, the media is reporting on the day that will happen before it happens, … just in case.

And why does the media take this Mayan date and prophecy apparently so serious ? Because Nostradamus said so, and who would doubt Nostradamus ? Exactly.



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