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Is the CIA paying attention ? ‘Cuz me thinks i found the bad guy

Private Eye
by Korifaeus

That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it ? Finding THE bad guy, the culprit of it all, having caused all the trouble in the world, and once the bad guy is found we’ll finally have peace – well, in the world as a whole, that is – those who wish to continue fighting may do so privately, but on the world stage all should be calm and mighty dandy once the bad guy is found, and that he is – he’s been found.

Every day many folks all over the world see that bad guy, who’s often times right in front of our eyes, while yet he was able to stay undiscovered for who knows how long. I’m not sure if his picture was in the Iraqi deck of Cards, but he surely is very obvious and very visible in every deck of cards in the world, regardless of country or manufacturer of playing cards.

How he was able to get away with it for so long is quite astonishing, but no one will get away with something forever – the truth always comes out at some point in time.
See Video in which the ” Bad Guy” is finally found. * sigh 😉





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