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The Fox on Fox

by Korifaeus

Fox, as in Foxnews, is known for its ” lookers” = attractive female anchors, in the majority blonde, lotsa make-up and good lighting. And though many of the femmes on Fox are attractive to ” look” at, their voices and overall appeal isn’t quite so attractive – with one exception = Harris Faulkner.

Harris Faulkner is no doubt the most beautiful woman in the news in general; i mean around the world. I’m using the word “beautiful” because that’s what she is – stunningly attractive on the inside and on the outside.

But there’s more, much more to Mrs. Faulkner. It’s also a delight to listen to her, watch AND “listen” to her because she has also a beautiful “voice”, which as mentioned before, most females on fox don’t have.

And there’s even more to Miss Faulkner, she has a stunning figure and well formed long legs AND can walk in high heels. ( as opposed to Megyn’s election walk across the studios in high heels, which was uncomfortable to watch = bent knees and pigeon-toed – not sexy – if that’s what the news’ director was going for) But there’s even more to Harris Faulkner; she has a soothing to watch personality and “demeanor” – not pushy, not brash like Megyn Kelly or Laura Ingram.

Harris Faulkner walks, talks and looks like a woman – a real woman confident in her feminity. She reminds me of journalism par-excellence from the old school – delivery – efficiency.

She shows a good sense of humor at the right time – is serious when the moment demands it – smiles long enough to lighten up the screen just as its needed – her timing is perfect. Her words come out clear, easy to understand; there’s no mumbling, no letters missing from the words, with her lips assisting her to pronounce the words perfectly.

She is the very best example we have nowadays of what a career in the television news media used to demand = journalistic skills, perfect vocabulary and pronunciation – attractive to the viewing audience, while not sexually “threatening” to either men or women – and a soothing voice one can comfortably listen to without getting a knot in one’s stomach.

These factors used to be a “must” to have in order to get into the TV news media before the age of mediocrity – thus it’s a thrill for the more sophisticated audience to see a gem like Mrs. Faulkner on TV which has become a rarity nowadays.

To be fair there are two other gems on Foxnews i should not forget to mention, though male, they too exude an air of ease and confidence it’s a pleasure to see them whenever i tune in, and that’s Bill O’Reilly and Shepard Smith.

Well, all good things are three, 😉



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