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Al Qaeda must be having a ball laughing

An affair to remember
by Korifaeus

Once upon a time… the United States of America was one of the most, if not THE most respected country in the world. Most every country looked up to America – the word, America, itself evoked “awe”.

Carrying an American passport, traveling abroad, was received with “wow”, regardless of Europe, the middle east, Asia minor, Asia, and the list goes on. One can visit most any country with an American Passport without needing a Visa, unlike other nationals who still need apply for a Visa to visit Europe or the U.S.

But aside from civilians abroad who much respected Americans, and whose dream it is to visit, even move, to the United States at some point, our intelligence, CIA, FBI, was widely respected by foreign Governments, as well.

For the past decade we, the United States, have been fighting Al Qaeda, and while doing so our intelligence begins to look more vulnerable as the war on terror continues. Do our elected officials, their press departments, our press/media, care how this may be perceived around the world ? After all, we’re in the middle of fighting Al Qaeda, are we not ? And doing so, is it not pivotal to gain respect ?

Our CIA director, David Petraeus, resigned because of an affair – but the story around the uncovering of the affair is beginning to look like a farce, as presented by the media – which changes almost daily with more “insights” coming to light, evolving into something one could call ” Benghazi part 2″ , with the story having changed multiple times since the resignation.

First we’re told, via the media, that the FBI probed CIA director Petraeus’ email, suspecting it may’ve been hacked into, through which the FBI found out about the affair forcing him to resign.

Was that the official press release by the FBI the media shared with us ? If so, then why is the story inconsistent with what the media is revealing now as to what happened, which is that a family friend, a certain Jill Kelley, contacted the FBI because she received threatening and/or harassing emails from Mr. Petraeus’ supposed lover.

But there’s more – the FBI agent involved, having conducted the investigation, began obsessing with Jill Kelley,( acording to the news) sending her “shirtless” photos of himself. Huh ? And this is known because the Agent did so using his ” private” email, or his FBI email, which was probed, as well, or did Miss Kelley contact the FBI once again because she received shirtless photos from an FBI agent ? Or, … she contacted the media, or… was her phone hacked by Rupert Murdoch’s media conglomerate, as in the News Corp case of Britain not so long ago ?

Former President Bill Clinton was caught with his pants down, never in need to resign, even though he, too, was vulnerable to blackmail, and being the ” President ” of the United States in a much higher office than a Director of the CIA; the impeachment, which cost the people millions of dollars, however was about a “technicality” of lying under oath – about the meaning of “is” and the meaning of ” sexual relations” – not about the affair itself.

The Secret Service is caught in a Prostitution scandal in Columbia – an FBI agent sents shirtless pictures – FBI spies on the private email of a CIA Director – Military personal is caught on video and photo graphs doing humanly unacceptable things to Afghan and Iraqi prisoners as well as dead people – all of it headlining the papers around the “world” while we’re fighting a war against Al Qaeda.

Al Qaeda must be having a ball reading about the CIA and FBI, the two entities of the Government they should be fearing. What could possibly be more exhilarating to an enemy than seeing ” in-fighting” – problems within investigative/intelligence – “competition” between the two offices providing for ” Homeland Security” ?

There is an old saying = “When two parties fight a third party is laughing” ; is that what we want our enemies to do ? Laugh ?

Aside from Al Qaeda, there’s Iran, North Korea, *Russia ( *as in the Red Communist Agenda) and i wonder what message it sends to them that the FBI was able to probe the email of a “CIA Director”, or better yet: how sexually “vulnerable” American men in powerful positions are ? How easy it is to seduce them ? For all we know the aforementioned countries are already thinking of launching THE most powerful Super Weapon = Attractive women highly trained in Seducer Skills.

But there is an entertaining upside to it all and that’s the commentaries of the females in the media; Judge Janine and some others, as well as the Fox of Fox, ( the only truly attractive female on Fox who has it all and deserves an article all for herself) the stunning Harris Faulkner, stated things like, ” Men cheat “, Men have affairs”, etc.

May i just remind the ladies, repeating such general misconceptions about men, that a ” married” woman was involved in the General Petraeus affair ? Paula B., the lover, is a married woman with two children = she cheated, thus not only men cheat and have affairs, but women do, too.

And just to get some facts straight, i personally know of far more women who’ve had extra-marital affairs than men. It’s just so that the females don’t get caught so easily – they’re better liars.

It was woman who broke the first ever law = ” Thou shalt not take from the tree of knowledge” – and what did Miss Eve do ?

” Here honey, have some, it’s delicious”

” Super Weapon” WOMAN, hear her roar.
Nuff said, ey ? 😉



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