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FBI spies on CIA… ?

National Security
by Korifaeus

Let me see if i get that straight : According to the news the FBI probed a private email account of CIA Director and former four Star General, David Petraeus, through which the FBI found out about an intimate relationship between the CIA’s former director David Petraeus and his female biographer. Meaning the FBI was able to lurk into the “private” email of a ” CIA” director.

The CIA = The Central Intelligence Agency = The United States federal agency responsible for coordinating “intelligence activities” around the world.

Pardon me for my befuddlement, but… the CIA was not aware that the private email of the CIA Director was being probed ? The CIA director, David Petraeus, had no knowledge the FBI was looking into his private emails ?

Somehow that does not make a lot of sense, because General Petraeus must have surely had a safe-mail from his time serving in the military = a private mail account that can neither be traced as to his whereabouts ( a secure server line not accessible to anyone outside of those with top-notch security clearance).

Thus if the FBI was able to gain access to a “CIA Director’s” private email, intelligence of other countries could have been able to so, as well.

The questions that should be asked is not why he had an affair, or how he could possibly risk his position or the security of the country by having an affair, etc. but how it was possible for the FBI to probe his private email ?

And 2. Why was the CIA not aware of the FBI probing his email, with its Director being the first to know about it, after all it’s the CIA, the agency the country depends on for national security ?

Just wondering, …



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