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Benghazi – The whole truth and nothing but the truth

by Korifaeus

How many stories exactly will we be hearing in regard to ” Benghazi” in the coming future ? Me thinks we’ll be given as many stories as dishes put in front of us we’re wiling to eat, ‘cuz and let’s face it – most of us will eat anything put in front of us. Most Americans went along with the first story of Muslims having been upset about a mediocre “youtube” video/film making fun of the prophet Mohammed. Political blog comments spilled so much hatred against “all” Muslims after the Benghazi uprising that a rational person could only wonder if these folks are from the 21st century or had just awoken from the 17 hundreds ?

Not in recent years has so much ignorance been observed than during the last few months, especially after the Benghazi/youtube video scandal. I’ve opined about it before in another article written shortly after the attacks ( At war with Islam) , since it seemed highly unlikely that Muslims would take offense at a “youtube” video to rise up so violently, aside from the fact that hardly anyone saw that video until the State Department made a mention of it.

“South Park” a well known top-rated animation Tv series, viewed internationally, made fun of the prophet Mohammed in the past, and nobody took offense. Set aside that South Park makes fun of just about everything, including Mormons, as in the successful broadway musical ” Book of Mormon”, and it got raving reviews with no protests from Mormons, nor blacks/Africans, nor homosexuals, nor Christians, of which the Book of Mormon makes fun.

The only protest against South Park that i know of was from the Church of Scientology, after South Park made fun of Tom Cruise and Scientology. So much for the sense of humor of the Church of Scientology ?

But back to Benghazi – it was pretty much obvious to any rational mind that the uprising was not a result of a silly video farce on youtube, however, many Americans believed it. Not long after it was reported that it was actually a planned terrorist attack with Al Qaeda involved. Soon after that we heard an even different story and that the President knew about the terrorist attack before he and Secretary of State Clinton blamed the youtube video.

VP Biden, however, stated during the VP debate that the youtube information was what the Administration was told by the

And while so many stories are unfolding we have never once been told what it is that is actually occurring in North Africa and the middle east and has been occurring in the last 5 years. That there are tremendous conflicts between Russian/Eastern European workers, as well as Russian companies taking over the middle east is never shared in the “news”.

That RZD, a Russian Railroad company, was hired, given a contract to build the Sirt-Benghazi Railroad is widely known, but not in the U.S. ? That RZD brought thousands of Russian/Eastern European workers to Libya, as well as other north African and Middle eastern countries which naturally upsets native workers looking for jobs, is never part of the “news” either, with conflicts arising between these two very different people = Eastern Europeans who have a tendency to drink alcohol, showing aggressive behaviors when drunk, harassing native women, and Muslims who don’t drink and are very protective of the females in their communities ( wives, sisters, nieces, etc.).

Why these very well known facts are not disclosed in the U.S. media is mind-boggling. Are we protecting aggressive Russian companies constantly low-bidding against western companies to be rewarded contracts in the Middle east and North Africa ?

Is that part of the promise made by President Obama to the former Russian Prime Minister, overhead at a conference = paraphrase: He’ll be more “flexible” after the election ?

What about Syria ? The conflicts in Syria are also caused by eastern Europeans and black sea natives having migrated to many middle eastern countries since the sixties and especially after 1989 ( the so called 89ers) having become citizens of these countries and its well known they’re the ones creating havoc in these regions, but we choose to believe it’s the Muslims ? Pardon me, but Muslims don’t wear crosses around their necks as some of the Syrians shown on the news are flaunting.

But north Africa and the middle east are not the only countries having fallen victims to the stark former Soviet migration to the west and middle east. Visiting several countries in central western Europe i was astonished how former Soviets hold countries basically hostage; tourists, especially female ones, are constantly harassed at train stations from Budapest to Frankfurt by several drunken men from the Ukraine and Russia and other former soviet countries. I, too, had the experience myself at several tourist towns in Europe, but mostly in Germany and the Government can do little about it.

I spoke to several law enforcement officers patrolling train stations,( Frankfurt and Linz on the Rhine) as well as some friends in the LKA/BKA ( German FBI). Germans are indeed held hostage by former Soviets, as well as other foreigners having moved to Germany by using Germany’s past against them. Let’s assume German police arrests some drunk train-station bullies for sexually harassing female tourists; their community will immediately call for a protest against the Germans calling it ” Ausländerhass”, which translates to ” Hatred against foreigners”.

Papers in Europe will pick up on it, take photos of the protests, and the headlines will read ” Germans hate foreigners”,etc.
The actual story what really occurred, that former Soviets are constantly exhibiting aggressive behavior toward Germans and others, as well as sexually harassing females at train stations, is spun into what the protestors insist on and that is that THEY are being harassed by the police.

It’s a no win situation for many countries having fallen victim to such; former Soviet’s aggression is visible everywhere in western Europe, while yet many live off the different Governments, receiving welfare checks. Denmark, too, is greatly affected, as is Sweden, Norway, Britain, Italy, Spain, not to mention middle eastern countries, from Egypt to Libya, to Syria, to Yemen all of whom are experiencing culture clashes.

I have yet to read about these very well known facts in our media, while blame is pointed to one entity exclusively it seems, and that’s the Muslims.

The only thing that could excuse why we haven’t been told so much of what is actually happening in the middle east, as well as other places, is because of a geo-political strategy with help from the media = intelligence is well aware of it all, but plays along, buying into the former Soviets making it look as though Arabs and Muslims are the aggressors in the region; not unlike an idea i had a while back, as to what i would do were i a Media Mogul, See > A World full of fake News

Then again, would we even believe “truth” ? The whole truth and nothing but the truth even if it opposes our personal ideologies, or prefer to accept a lie if it’s something that agrees with what we want to believe in ?
I wonder…



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