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Why i didn’t vote

by Korifaeus

I’ve been a Mitt Romney supporter since the very beginning. I was enthused about his candidacy – an all around decent Gentleman with a common sense approach and plans that appealed to me. All throughout the campaign i looked forward to voting for him and then… he picked his running mate, Paul Ryan. Whatever it is about him, i could not warm up to him. He comes across (to me, that is) as the exact antithesis of Mitt Romney. The more i saw of Paul Ryan the less i liked him.

Here i had my dream candidate, Mitt Romney, someone i really felt enthusiastic about, who then picked a running mate that took away all of the magic for me. Paul Ryan came across as cocky, arrogant, insincere, “memory smart”= fact-knowledgable able to repeat what everyone can study in a book, but not ” original”, spontaneous intelligence, logic, spontaneous reasoning.

There was nothing refreshing about this “young” man. Mitt Romney had/has more spark in him than Paul Ryan who never smiled broadly enough to expose his upper teeth. Watching him with his wife i couldn’t detect the same lovingness everyone could instantly see on Mitt Romney’s face when gazing at his wife during an interview – there was “love” and most importantly “trust” – whereas Paul Ryan looked as uncomfortable with his wife as did Junior Senator Rubio did during an interview with his wife, as though they feared their wives would say something that could embarrass them, or such.

In a Presidential race one votes for the “team”, not just the Presidential candidate, because the VP can instantly become the President should something happen to the sitting President, thus i need to feel comfortable with the VP-choice as well, and that i wasn’t.

I wrestled with myself and had already written an article regarding how i felt about Paul Ryan. If only there was something i could like about that man, but i just couldn’t; especially after his stage entrance at the Republican convention, with his right arm stretched out straight ahead of him, which was a bit what too eery looking, reminiscent of you what.

I disliked him even more so at the VP debate; he lacks charisma, wit, a warm smile, spontaneity = all in all he comes across as too calculating, acting by memory rather than spontaneous rationale.

My gut did and does not like Paul Ryan and i have to be true to myself – it’s about integrity, thus in the end i did not vote and i felt relief after making that decision.

I just can’t go against my gut.
Note, the word ” gut” in German with that exact spelling, pronounced “goot” means “good”, thus i’m sure my gut means well and i believe that as long as i follow my gut i won’t have any regrets.

In God we trust, 😉



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