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Are we prepared for Catastrophes ? Me thinks no.

by Korifaeus

Everyone having access to some kind of media source, be it TV, Radio, the Papers, Internet or a cellphone ( smart phone) was alerted way ahead of time regarding Hurricane Sandy hitting the eastern United States. We were told it will be the worst storm ever to hit the United States. That in itself should have motivated folks in the possibly affected communities to prepare for the “worst”.

There is nothing wrong with preparing for the worst – and certainly nothing wrong with our government, and media, suggesting we should prepare for the worst. But did we ?

The first signs of folks preparing ahead of the storm was to run to the markets creating endless lines to get the essentials they believed they needed. The shelves with bottled water, as well as bread were the first ones to empty. The only place one could get bottled water were Habibi stores – small Deli stores run by Arabic speaking store keepers.

Pop-stickles, candy and fish is not something to be considered as food supply in preparation for the ” worst” case scenario, but that was exactly what i saw in many baskets and carts. They were filled with stuff that goes bad should there be no electricity = refrigerator = fish, shrimps, as well as fresh meats, chicken, etc. will go bad in no time.

What is a worst case scenario, though ? No electricity, no water, no *heat.

The most important thing to have in the house is water, bottled water – that should speak for itself. The second most important is food. Best to have a reserve for ” at least” a week in the house and foods that don’t spoil. Can food is the safest. Cans of vegetables, stews ( they can be eaten cold), canned fish ( sardines, etc.) and canned fruit. As far as breads are concerned, dry bread like Wasa will last a long time. ( one never knows how long a catastrophe will last ? We’re talking “worst” case scenario ?)

Crank flashlight, ( Crank camper lamps) which don’t need any batteries, are the best. Candles are great and very romantic, but in case of worst case scenarios, candles should be avoided at all times, because gas-lines may be affected ( earthquake, explosion, whatever the cause of a catastrophe). Best to have some of these essentials in ones home so to avoid having to go shopping at the last minute. It provides us with a relaxed feeling in case something happened unexpectedly. 😉

If warned ahead of time that “something” may occur, it’s always a good thing to fill up the bath-tub, and if available some buckets, with water. Just in case the water is shut off and one needs to go to the bathroom.

What’s also important is to have some cash in the house, should there be a power outage, ‘cuz some stores/markets may keep open in case of emergency and only take cash. Not to forget medication – some need medication and should have sufficient for a week in the house.

If everyone was prepared, knowing what to do, there would be less anxiety, which has a positive effect on everyone – it’s a must to keep a cool head during a state of emergency. Our government officials can concentrate on what needs to be done instead of having to worry about folks running amok, or sending troops to take care of mass hysteria.

The press could also be of help and instead of frightening folks express “comfort” – assuring people everything is going to be fine. In times of an emergency people need be assured they can have faith in their community leaders – it’s the first step toward recovery.

What i think…



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