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The distorted World of “Cynics”

The World we see in the Mirror

by Korifaeus

Ye gotta have a sense of humor to be able to see the “humor” in it all, especially when it comes to Cynics.
 We all know cynics – they’re born with the cynic gene, inherited from their forefathers. No matter what, they’ll see a negative even in the most beautiful things.

You give someone a rose – a beautiful most fragrant gorgeous rose just because you feel like it. Any person would be thrilled to’ve been bestowed with such a lovely gesture. But not a cynic.
A cynic will look at you skeptically, looks at the rose, then accuse you of hoping that he/she will prick him/herself on the rose’s thorns. What sort of people think that way ? Cynics.
 That’s an example of true cynicism.

It’s far out and no one in their right mind can possibly think that way. But cynics are different; they’re incapable of seeing something nice, lovely and beautiful.

We all look at the world through the mirror, thus regardless of how we judge others and the world, it says more about “us” than it says about the world and its people. The more we dislike ourselves the more we dislike the world and visa versa.

I wonder how we each would treat one another, or for that matter see ourselves if we’d never seen what we look like, never glimpsed into a mirror ?

Here a little music video exploring that very thought, 😉





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