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Ann Romney would “love” to meet me

What dreams may come
by Korifaeus

You can imagine, i’m sure, my excitement when checking my mailbox today seeing i got an email from Ann Romney, the “Subject” stating “I’d love to meet you”. Wow, i thought, Ann Romney, wife of our front running Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney wants to meet me. But not just “wants” to meet me, she would LOVE to meet me.

No wonder, i thought, ‘cuz (patting myself on the back as expected from a narcissistic egomaniac like myself) i was the very first person in the media endorsing Mitt Romney in my former Korifaeus Gazette, which since then has turned into a Magazine and became a publication of Korifaeus Entertainment, a one man Online Entertainment Conglomerate, when the rest of the media was still pushing Herman Cain, etc., thus she probably wants to thank me ?

Ann Romney would LOVE to meet me. * Smile 🙂

I opened up the email, excited as i was, and this is what it states; here the actual email:

From: Ann Romney
Subject:Leagan E., I’d love to meet you!
Date: October 27, 2012 2:20:33 PM EDT
To: Leagan E. Kasper

Leagan E.,

I always love meeting people — but I’ve especially enjoyed getting to know our “Grab a Bite” contest winners. There’s just something nice about chatting over a good meal.

You can still enter for a chance to bring a guest and grab a bite with me somewhere on the campaign trail. It’ll be a lot of fun, and every entry brings us closer to a Republican victory on November 6th!

Contribute $5 or more today to be automatically entered for a chance to grab a bite with me.

Thanks and good luck!

Ann Romney


Well, i thought, if she’d “love” to meet me all she has to do is ask me where she could meet with me, instead of having to go through the entire contest stuff – i mean, why not make it easy on yourself, i’m not a fun spoiler, ye know ?

Dear Ann Romney, if you’d really “love” to meet me and enjoy a good burger ( the best burger in town, plus the best fries) pick the date and time and i’ll meet ye at PJ Clarke’s across from Lincoln center for a nice chat over a good meal.




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