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Vice President Biden admits we no longer have Intelligence

by Korifaues

The VP Debate was neither fascinating nor incredibly entertaining, but one thing it was for sure and that’s ” insightful”; not because of anything Paul Ryan said, who sounds much like a sophomore reciting Alan Greenspan monologues, rather what Vice President Biden shared.

As a reminder – Joe Biden stated that the administration’s response, as to what occurred in Benghazi, was what they were told by the “intelligence” = the Intelligence briefed the President, the State Department, etc. on what they gathered ( via intelligence) caused the uprising in Benghazi.

The administration later admitted they were wrong, with Vice President Biden sharing (during the debate) that the Intelligence had been wrong.

Let me get this straight; did Joe Biden say the ” Intelligence” was wrong, ergo they did not have the actual facts ( i.e., Intelligence) as to what occurred in Benghazi ? How come the VP’s admission that our Nation’s ” Intelligence” was flawed did not make the headlines in our country even around the world ? We’re talking ” Intelligence” after all ?

The most important department for national security of a Nation (any nation/country ) is the… “Intelligence”. The Central Intelligence Agency ( CIA) gathers evidence around the world which is then shared with departments inside the government. The first to be briefed daily from the highest office ( Head of Intelligence) is the President. The State Department, FBI, Homeland security, etc. are briefed as well should evidence have been gathered important to one of these specific departments.

Thus what VP Biden said is that we can’t depend on our intelligence ? Exactly what is the intelligence doing if not gathering information to be analyzed so to assure the safety and security of this country ?

Then again, it was VP Biden stating the ” intelligence” didn’t have accurate information – Mr. Biden who’s prone to gaffes – thus i don’t know what to really think – was it truth or was it another little oopsie ?

It’s one thing if there’s a flaw with our intelligence, but a whole other story if there’s a flaw with our Intelligence – time for an i-cue test, me thinks ?



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