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The Statue of Liberty – will we ever hear her story ?

The lady in the harbor
by Korifaeus

Many tales have been written about her – verses, poetry and greats like Frank Sinatra sung of her, as well; the lady in the harbor. But there are loads of conspiracy theories about her as well, theorizing who the Statue of Liberty really represents. Some conspiracists insists she represents the Devil, Satan while others believe she is the symbol of Babylon mentioned in the Revelation of the Bible. Others, again, believe she may be an angel, thus i thought why not share what i see in her, thus wrote a song with an accompanying music video, cuz if you ask me, i see a copper, 😉

” She’s a Copper”
Sung by the Korifaeus male and female choir of New York City, New York.
For sing along, see lyrics below the video. ( Earphones are suggested )

She’s a copper, yes a copper, made of copper standing tall
on the island, waiting wary, ’till a someone makes the call.

In her left hand she is holding, the great copper book of old,
waiting ’till it’s finally opened and the story told.

In her right she is holding, the ever guiding light,
leading everyone through darkness of the night.

On her head the seven senses are depicted as a crown,
and she knows the seven virtues will help guide men through this town.

This town, the great old city, that will always be the same;
people come from everywhere, to play the game

To figure out the puzzles, created long ago,
and once the book is open everyone will know,



4 comments on “The Statue of Liberty – will we ever hear her story ?

  1. Barbara Keats
    October 28, 2012

    This is a prophetic message..It is indeed who she is! and yes the book is BEING opened. Just you wait and see. I will be in NY in a couple of weeks and yes expressly to play the “game”. I perceive a “key” is in order. Awake key..Awake

    • Korifaeus
      October 28, 2012

      The video does not reveal “who” she is, it’s open to the viewer’s interpretation. Everyone sees the video differently, interprets it differently. Having said that, ” who” did you believe the video suggests it is ? I’m curious, 😉

      • Barbara Keats
        October 28, 2012

        Age old question “who do they say I am” it is not important who I say she is. What is important is who I recognize. Mark 8 :27-29. She is indeed copper, conductor of electricity. Seems to me Ben Franlkin used a “key”. The Question is how did I come across your video in the first place?? loved it by the way

      • Korifaeus
        October 28, 2012

        Well, this site is on the web thus it didn’t take a miracle for you to find the article. Not like an only surviving book hidden in some secret chamber on a far away island ? I asked because of the way you commented, as though it’s clear to you who she is, but the video and lyrics were purposely created in ways to leave that to the imagination of the viewers/listeners, though it does reveal, but not straight forward. “Copper” is also a nickname for a Policeman ? 😉
        Thanks, glad you enjoyed it.

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