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Newt Gingrich – The New Choice for VP

If only…
by Korifaeus

Perhaps i should have shared my views months ago, before Mitt Romney picked Paul Ryan as his running mate, suggesting to the Romney camp to perhaps take a closer look at Newt Gingrich. But at that time all i hoped for was that Mitt Romney does not pick Marco Rubio, because i believed and still believe he is way over-rated. Apparently only the media sees something extra ordinary in Marco Rubio, having made him a house hold name, and folks generally repeat what the media tells them,… ain’t that right Mister Citizen Kane ?

Marco Rubio’s answers, whenever he was being interviewed, were just too spontaneous to me – too fast – not a moment of giving it a thought, as though all was scripted. For a young man he comes across as too old, nothing refreshing nor original, nor innovative, which one would expect from a young man his age; and what he’d say i’ve already heard many times before – rhetoric and nothing new.

When Paul Ryan was picked as a running mate, i wasn’t thrilled with the choice either, though was at first glad that Junior Senator Rubio wasn’t picked. Aside from Mister Ryan being way too young for my taste, he lacks “vision” from what i’m hearing thus far. Now, he may well be a terrific numbers guy, good at budgets, etc. but i don’t like his attitude – it’s missing a specific humility i like seeing in men and women possibly leading other people to a certain extend. After all, a public servant is an employee of the people, not their boss, nor employers, which some public servants appear to sometimes forget ?

He comes across as a bit what too cocky, for my taste. His head often times to the side, his right arm stretched out straight ahead of him, instead of “waving” with an angled elbow the way most everyone usually waves to the crowd. This straight-arm gesture was very apparent at the convention when he came onto the stage to make his speech.

The more i got to see of Paul Ryan the less i began liking him. Not my favorite choice for VP, for sure. I don’t like his eyes either because they never smile. I haven’t seen him make a joke, smile, laugh, either, which says a lot about a person. I’m missing a delightful side to his persona i need to see in order to like a person.; i’m picky that way.

Currently i’m just hoping Paul Ryan decides to concentrate a bit more on his congressional re-run, resigns from the VP nomination, in ways of self-recognition realizing he is way too young and inexperienced to be a Vice President, so that Mitt Romney asks Newt Gingrich to be his running mate.

Now that could be a dream ticked that could make me very happy, plus it will get Mitt Romney votes from conservative Democrats, Libertarians and some undecided voters who like and respect Newt Gingrich.

Newt Gingrich is a bright fellow, very experienced and a great asset to any incoming President. He is internationally well respected and has a good sense of humor, thus someone most everyone can get along with – that’s what we need.

If only Paul Ryan could see it my way, realizing that it’s best to concentrate on his congressional seat and amicably resign, so i’ll get my dream team for the Presidency = Mitt Romney / Newt Gingrich.

Sure it’s selfish, but i’m not just selfish for me ; i’m also selfish for America, 😉




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