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” Sorry, i’m not an Altruist”

Talk about Chutzpah

by Korifaeus

Broadway, walking uptown, is filled with little groups of young folks handing out flyers or approaching any passerby soliciting for organizations, such as Green Peace, Gay rights, ACLU, etc.
Whenever i’m approached i pleasantly tell them right off the bat, ” Sorry, i’m not an altruist.”, or ” Sorry, i’m not benevolent”.

These kids, most often in little groups of 3 to 5 youngsters in their late teens to early twenties, come up with all sorts of strategies, methods and phrases to get one’s attention, trying to sign up new members to receive donations supporting the good work of those non-for-profits.
One would think that these young people are familiar with the word, ” altruist”, especially since many of them are college grads. Not so. I often find myself baffled when hearing their response to my excuse, not wishing to be solicited: ” Sorry, I’m not an altruist.”

“What’s an altruist ?” they ask

When first hearing that response i suspected an immigrant youngster still unfamiliar with many words, but learned that wasn’t the case at all – unless they fibbed, of course.

Thus when asked what an altruist is i inquire if they don’t know the word, ” altruist.”, or are asking about my personal interpretation, to which i’m told they don’t know the word. To be fair, some do, but MANY don’t. The word “benevolent”, too, appears unfamiliar to them, ” What’s that ?”, or ” What’s benevolent ?” i’m asked.

It’s rather ironic they don’t know these two words.
“Talk about Chutzpah.”

” What does that mean ?”

“To ask for donations and support for help-Organizations and not know what an “Altruist” is or what the word “benevolent” means,
that’s Chutzpah.”



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