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The Dumbing down of America ?

Not Awesome
by Korifaeus

Anyone who’s paid attention, listening to not only our celebrities speak, but folks in a cafe, restaurant, supermarket, clothing stores or conducted an interview with college grads applying for jobs must wonder if many have just become vocabulary lazy, are suffering memory loss, or weren’t brought up in this country not receiving english education in english speaking schools, because it seems as though only three words to express emotion, wonder and surprise are used, the words being….

1. Love
2. Awesome
3. Amazing

Are there still folks who “like” something ? Has it become a duty to “love” just about everything from cookies, to coffee, to acquaintances and people we don’t even know, to a walk in the park ?

My friends and myself would feel like outcasts, quite frankly, were we to share our feelings of ” like”, admiration, fondness, tenderness, adoration, endearment, infatuation, respect, desire, attraction, affection and lust, thus i rather not otherwise some may be shocked and criticize me for not loving those i just like, am fond of, admire, find attractive, desire and just respect for their achievements.

How dare i don’t love everything and everyone, as a great majority of Americans apparently do. But do they really ” love” everything or is it just lazy language – using the word love for just about everything one can tolerate because no other word comes to mind ? Or, trying to avoid getting in touch with themselves to feel what it really is they feel about specific things or specific people ?

I most certainly ” love”, but i only love those i REALLY feel ” love” for.
In no other language than English – and only in the U.S. not even in the U.K. Australia or south Africa – is the word for love used so easily losing meaning and gravity.

But just as many appear to love most everything nowadays, they also find everything and everyone “amazing” and “awesome”. Nothing seems to be ” astonishing” anymore, or wonderful, stupefying, breathtaking, splendid, remarkable, incredible, inspiring, phenomenal, sensational, stunning, lovely or just plain ” nice”.

Whenever i say ” nice” i’ve gotten reactions from people as though i said ” disgusting”.

Waiter: ” How’s the oatmeal, sir”
Guest:” Amazing”.

Waiter:” How’s the toast, Miss ?”
Guest:” Awesome, thanks

” That’s a lovely dress you’re wearing”
Thank you yeah, it’s awesome”

And apropos likes and dislikes. It’s okay to just ” dislike ” some things, rather than “hate” everything one may just dislike.

A classic Italian Opera is about a man passionate about painting and in LOVE with a girl. I suppose the new modern American musical would be about a man who LOVES to paint and isn’t really sure how he feels about a girl he desires….

” How was the musical ?
” Awesome”.

” What do you think about the Universe ? “( The one thing that can truly be described as “awesome”)
” Neat ”




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