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Iran’s Ahmedinejad’s call for a Truce

What dreams may come
by Korifaeus

Here is what i’d wish would be the speech Ahmedinejad will give to the UN on Yom Kippur

“Dear Ladies and Gentlemen

As you can hear i speak English perfectly well and i’m here to tell you all that there is nothing to worry about regarding a threat from Iran or any other country in the World. You see, i’m an Actor, and i was cast to play the part of Iranian President, just as many leaders in the World are actually actors playing a part.

The world has long been at peace and those traveling the World are witness to the achievement of peace in this our 21st Century.

However, there are still folks out there seeking Religious differences, craving to see special reports and breaking news about protests only so they have someone to be angry at; and the great leaders of the World, aware that there are still people in the world who wish nothing more than to quarrel and seek fault in others, came up with a plan to make even those people happy.

They created the most innovative solution to give those, craving to see wars and disagreements between people and Religions, just that – wars, protests and despair, all of which is created on sets in Movie studios around the world, broadcast world-wide as news, so everyone can express their anger toward whoever they wish.

Isn’t it great that the leaders of the World were so farsighted creating bad guys everyone is invited to hate ?

And when the world no longer seeks Religious differences, is no longer ethnocentric with one wanting to be better than others, no longer in need to fight but finally tired of anger and wars, we can stop creating these horrific footage and once again create broadcasts suitable for young and old, to entertain not our anger and hatred, but our souls, to laugh, to giggle, to cheer and become ONE PEOPLE sharing this incredibly beautiful earth.

Thank you and to my Jewish brothers and Sisters, Yom Tov
May Hashem bless you on this Holy day of Yom Kippur

That’s a wrap”


One is allowed to dream, yes ?
What dreams may come…



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