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President’s speech applauded by all of Islam

Koran speaking
by Korifaeus

The President need give a speech, sending a message to the Muslim nations protesting against America, the West; and if i were the President of the United States of America i would make a speech from the oval office, to be broadcast LIVE to the world, seen on every TV screen in homes, airports, hotel, public places, city centers, malls, electronic stores, etc. And the speech would be as follows:

“As i’m watching the violent protests against the United States and the West expressing discontent, opposition, disapproval and some even hate – let me tell you who are protesting, i can see you – i can hear you – the world can see you – the world can hear you while you behave like wild beasts drunk on rage causing havoc to your cities – causing anguish not to us – but to your own people – by irresponsibly behaving in ways reflecting negatively on all of your people – on all of your Religion -
 evoking dislike for no one but your own – not thinking of your own kind – not thinking of your brothers, sisters, cousins, nephews, relatives and friends peacefully living in the west having to fear that they will be looked upon as radicals – being judged by-proxy because of your behavior.

If this is the message you want to send – that you are not a responsible people – not a people of greatness – not an exemplary people – not a people ready yet to govern themselves – not yet ready to peacefully assemble – instead sending the message you are a savage wolf then you will stand alone – and your own people will turn away from you as do the wolves from a savage wolf – casting out the savage to safe the pack – because you do not live by the Koran which states, Allah! there is no God but he the living. The Self-subsiding. The supporter of all.
It is he who sent down step by step in truth the book confirming what went before it; and he sent down the Torah of Moses, and the Gospel of jesus

Before this as guidance to humankind and he sent down the Criterio of Judgmenet between right and wrong

God says: Fight who fights you but do not be aggressors. God does not like aggression.

Ma’a Salama



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