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At War with Islam ?

Muslim Babushkas ?
by Korifaeus

Seeing the uprising in the Arab world, supposedly of Muslims protesting against a film that makes fun of the Prophet Mohammed, i wonder how much ignorance we’re actually subjected to in the west. Who says these are Muslims supposedly hating the west ? How to differentiate between Arabic speaking Christians and Muslims ?

Just because someone speaks Arabic doesn’t mean the person is a Muslim. Nor the wearing of headscarfs ( babushkas) for women makes these women Muslim. In fact, headscarfs are a long tradition for women belonging to the eastern Church – Russian as well as Greek Orthodox.

From Bulgaria all the way to eastern Russia it’s rather common for women to wear headscarfs, mostly in rural areas. The wearing of headscarfs, in fact, is far more associated with countries of the eastern orthodox Church than Arab or specifically Muslim countries.

But how can we know ? The media isn’t making us aware of it – their intent appears to be to make us believe Muslims hate America – Muslims hate the west. It seems to sell more papers and the more ignorant we stay to cultural know how, the more they can get away with it.

Let’s face it – on both sides of the spectrum it’s not about Religions, nor the film, which at best is a mediocre farce about Mohammed. If it was the film, which hardly anyone even knew about until after the uprising in Libya and was no longer available on youtube in the Arab world the day after, why then did South Park’s episode about Mohammed not ignite protests ? Because it’s just a farce no one takes seriously – neither here nor in the Muslim world.

It may be about Politics, geo-politics, as well – but what we haven’t been told at all by the media is that RZD, a Russian train and railroad company, was given the contract to build the Sirt-Benghazi railroad which started in 2008.

About 3500 workers were hired most of them Russian, brought to Libya. And just as the project was about to start fights broke loose. If there were possible conflicts between Russian workers drinking alcohol, becoming loud as opposed to Muslim Libyans who don’t drink and are more quiet, we were never told by the media.

Nor were we told if Libyans were possibly upset that Russian workers were brought to Libya to work on the railroad, rather than hiring nationals. There is lots we were not told as to what was going on in the middle east, particularly in Libya, where the latest protest is said to’ve started.

We should not be fighting a war on Islam nor on any other Religion. Instead we should fight a war on Ignorance, because Ignorance is the most dangerous thing in the world and the more ignorant we remain the easier we can stirred up against an entire people.

Let there be light 😉



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