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The Rainmaker: Bill Clinton did it again

You’re name is not Lizzy,… it’s Melisande
by Korifaeus

It’s impossible not to admit that Bill Clinton, as far as giving speeches, is one of the greats. He’s a born Politician with a nag knowing how to speak to people, especially a big crowd. He’s mastered something only Tele – Evangelists and before that Carnival folk and on a smaller scale Irish travelers and the Gamin mastered ; mesmerizing and persuading the masses to believe in whatever the aforementioned had to sell.

And he does it better than anyone else before him – he is the personification of Starbuck, the antagonist as well as the protagonist of the play and movie “The Rainmaker”, starring Burt Lancaster.

One is never really sure if Bill Clinton, just as the Rainmaker, is the bad guy or the good guy, that’s how masterful the former President of the United States is as a performer, virtually electrifying the masses when given the chance to make a speech to a vast crowd of fans. The greater their approval the better his performance. Both live off one another – the audience in need to, yes, adore someone, and the performer in need to feel admiration on which he feeds, getting stronger and stronger.

And that’s exactly what happened tonight at the DNC Convention; Bill Clinton, the Rainmaker, did it again.

If the numbers he stated with such ease are true or not doesn’t even matter; he won the crowd over not because of truth but because he was able to come across as nothing less than beyond sincere. He was believable and that’s the selling point with which to persuade voters – it’s show biz – he had the people eating out of his hands – trusting him the same way a desperate man suffering ailments trusts, buying a bottle of spring water, sold as an all cure remedy, from a snake-oil sales man.

But after such a powerful speech, who would want to follow that act ? Anyone having to speak after couldn’t possibly electrify the crowd like the Rainmaker. He should have been the closing act – he should have closed the Convention after President’s Obama’s speech tomorrow night.

How President Obama thinks he can win the people over to vote for him, after Bill Clinton won them over tonight, not for the President, but for himself, is going to take more than just campaign strategy. It’s going to take magic…

…after all, President Obama will be competing with the Rainmaker. 😉



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