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President Obama’s covert endorsement of Mitt Romney

Back to the Future
by Korifaeus

President Obama says Mitt Romney’s approach is so last century. Well, remember the last century ? I still do – it was a time of evolution in every way. It was a time of inventions, free thinking, new music, civil rights and yes, the computers, cellular phones and wi-fi were invented in the last century, as well.

For President Obama to suggest Mister Romney will lead us back into the 20th century may make voters think of ” Yesterday” – a song by the Beatles, also composed in the last century.

Just think about the music from the 19hundreds – there was Benny Goodman, Frank Sinatra, Elvis, the Beatles and the list goes on.

In this 21st century we’ve not created anything new, only re-designed things of the past, packaging them differently for the young people who didn’t know the 60’s 70’s 80’s. But even the young appear to be big fans of the time that came before.

Of course the 20th century was also the era of the great depression and the two World Wars; but even during those difficult times it wasn’t all darkness, quite the opposite.
Leaders of every field, Government, private Businesses and the arts tried making it as pleasant for their citizens as they possibly could, to overcome those hard times with the least scars possible.

There was Shirley Temple delighting theater goers, taking their minds off the hard reality. There was Charley Chaplin making fun of Hitler. And the greatest stars of Celluloid screen were shining the brightest to bring people light during the darkest hours.

Thus if Mister Romney wants to lead us “back” into the sentiments of the last century, i’m all for it. It was a renaissance of its own – a time of the most evolutionary innovations, originality, in science, art and technology. The era of discovery and that’s exactly what we need to even have a future…

…because in order to get up from a chair the hands push down on the chair.
In order to jump up as high as one can, one needs to bend the knees a bit. And in order to walk forward one leg needs to always stay one step behind to make the next step.

In order to throw a ball forward the arm/hand needs to move back so to create acceleration.



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