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IRAN: The Nuclear Bomb that may already be there

Nuclear ambitions
by Korifaeus

Netanyahu and the western world warns about the imminent threat about Iran’s nuclear ambitions, closely watching Iran developing Nuclear power and possibly the bomb of bombs.

Are we really that naive ?

Russia has close relations with Iran. Iran is a threat to Israel. What are Russia’s feelings toward Israel ? Israel has the most Russian speaking people in the world outside of Russia. More even than the United States. It’s one of the three major languages of Israel.

After 1989 ( the fall of the Berlin wall) enormous amounts of Russians moved to Israel stating they’re Jewish. Let’s be realistic – anyone can say they’re Jewish and if a strategy was put into place to have Soviet sympathizers move to different parts of the world, to create strongholds in certain places, all that needed to be done is take a few Judaic Religious classes to learn some
“Religious” basics like the common prayers, holidays, etc. and anyone can take part in playing the ” hat game” = some play Jewish folks, some play Christian folks and others play Muslim folks.

But Russia is not the only ally of Iran. Let’s not forget France who is also a Nuclear power and has since the 17hundreds maintained very friendly relations with Russia. In fact, while the Western World was engaged in a cold war with the USSR, France was the Soviet Unions closest ally.

France was also nice enough to grand the Ayatolla Khomeini exile. And once he was free to go back to Iran, a great strong hold of French sympathizers went along with him. As easy as it is to create Russian Jewry, it’s just as easy to create French Jewry

Thus, hypothetically we’ve now established a Russian and a French stronghold in the midst of Israel.

Since Russia has nuclear weapons; how easy really is it to bring them into Iran ?
Very easy. By Train through Georgia, Azerbaijan and voila it’s already in Iran. Or from Russia right through Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and once again ending up in Iran.

Trains are used for smugglers of all sort of things all the time because no one checks the luggage. Nor does anyone “weigh” the luggage. It can easily be “rolled” on to a train. Once it’s on the train the only things checked on borders are the passports; not the luggage.

Thus if Iran has Nuclear ambitions and Russia, as well as France, want to help them accomplish their goal, the bombs they want could easily already be there.

And in the U.S. ? Ask Persians stating they’re Jewish, especially the ones wearing Tzitzit, if they’re Kalimi ?
If they ask “What’s that” ?, chances are they’re part of the hat game, too.

Apropos “hat game”, wearing a headscarf, would that make me a Muslim, an orthodox Jewish woman or Babushka from a rural area in eastern Europe ?


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