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A little Dirt may do us some good

Immunizing against Superbugs
by Korifaeus

Like most every kid i played in sandboxes, played in the yard, climbed trees, played at the stream, the lake, the beach, and in the dirt of play grounds. We kids sat in the dirt playing with dolls, match box cars, marbles and got our hands dirty.

With my dirty hands i’d unwrap the candy i had in my pocket, put it in my mouth, and yummy. Ice cream cone held in my dirty hands with the ice cream dripping over my fingers, then licking the ice cream off my fingers.

Unlike the sickly children of über-cautious parents of today, wiping their kid’s hands with antibacterial tissues the moment they touched the ground, i was a healthy kid – we all were – and we grew into healthy adults.

We kids used to be bitten up by Mosquitos during the summer. Occasionally stung by a bee, which we were told was nature’s immunization program, giving us a vaccination shot.

Of course there are some people who’re allergic to bee or wasp stings – but in the great majority, to be bitten by insects in the western world, does not cause alarm or was/is harmful.

Nowadays folks are afraid to touch even the handle of a supermarket cart unless they first sanitized it with a sanitizing tissue, now available in front of every super market. We appear to be evolving into a Germophobic society with some never leaving their house without a bottle of purell.

What those using anti-bacterial lotions on their hands aren’t told is that the lotions not only kill possibly harmful bacteria, but the good ones, too. There’s good and there is bad – and anti-bacterials kill both – good and bad ones.

Thus once again we’re in the middle of creating new super bugs. While we become weaker to bacteria, not allowing our natural immune system to do its magic, thus weakening our immune system using anti-bacterials before they’ve shown signs of being harmful, bacteria, as well as viruses, grow immune to anti-bacterials and stronger.

The world health organizations are currently struggling with super bugs that came about due to over prescriptions of antibiotics. Bugs began growing immune to antibiotics, becoming stronger with Physicians struggling to cure infections.

Now that we’re helping bacteria grow immune, thus stronger, against currently used anti-bacterial lotions, i wonder what’s next to protect ourselves from the unbeatable superbugs…

Spacesuits ?



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