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Question to WordPress – Important

Need help

When leaving a comment on someone’s wordpress page, the avatar shows, as well as the name of the blogger – in my case, Korifaeus.
But when clicking on the name Korifaeus, it leads to a wordpress page stating ” The page Korifaeus Gazette no longer exists”.

Since it no longer exists and it’s been changed to Korifaeus Magazine as primary blog, shouldn’t it lead to Korifaeus Magazine ?
How can i change the setting for the clicker to be lead to Korifaeus Magazine ?

Thank you for you help, or any assistance,


2 comments on “Question to WordPress – Important

  1. Nick Hamze
    August 13, 2012

    You need to go to the Users –> Personal Settings page. At the very bottom you will see a heading that says Account Details. Under that heading you will find a box that says Website. Your Avatar is linked to whatever you have listed there. So all you need to do is change it. Keep in mind that this will only change your future comments not ones you have already made.

  2. Korifaeus
    August 14, 2012

    Thank you SO much for your very thorough and helpful explanation and taking the time to comment. It’s set on Korifaeus Magazine, thus this page. I’ll make a new comment and see what happens.

    Thanks so much,

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