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Mitt Romney most favored amongst female voters

How women vote
by Korifaeus

Surely you’ve heard the media “projection” that Gov. Romney has a tough time getting support from female voters, according to unknown poll sources.

Many of these statistics are made up by the media. Anyone can can write a number %, and whoever the first media outlet is to reveal, even a fictional number, is going to be credited as “source”. It’s done like so:

According to SoandSo Times, Mister SoandSo is leading Mister ThatandThat by 4 points in the polls.

Once it’s out there, every paper in personal favor of the numbers will repeat and print them, quoting the “source”; the source being the media outlet first having broken the statistic. In the meantime the “source” never mentions who it was conducting the study.

I’ve never been polled. I’ve never – in all the years of my adult hood – been called, or stopped on the street – asked about my political views. Personally i know of no one who’s been polled, though some folks state they have been, which i gathered on the internet.

Assuming a ” pollster” asks 10 folks he/she knows and 6 women find President Obama most appealing; said statistic will reflect 60 % of the country – that’s how polls work.

Assuming a pollster will go to a neighborhood predominantly made of loyal Democratic voters, they’ ll naturally favor President Obama, thus aren’t accurately reflecting the view of the “entire” country.

Polls are not to be taken seriously as i’ve mentioned in other articles, explaining in detail why we shouldn’t pay attention to polls. However, i’m interested how folks really feel about our Presidential candidates, thus whenever i have the opportunity i ask folks and hear their views first hand.

Finding myself in a supermarket line i strike up a conversation and literally interview people, asking them who they favor, Obama or Romney. I’ve been asking women in supermarkets lines, in clothing stores, in shoe stores, fabric stores, even the hostesses and waitresses in restaurants and coffee shops.

So far Mitt Romney leads Big Time.
But why and how do women vote ?

They like a man who stands by his wife in case of illnesses, which Mitt Romney did while his wife was battling different health challenges. That seemed to be a big point amongst women voters – a man one can depend on in time of need.

Some said they liked the way he always pulls up his sleeves, which suggests he is a man of action. That statement was most insightful to me because i never even thought about that – i found that observation quite neat, 😉

A lot of women were impressed with the fact that he never seems to lose his temper, remaining rock solid.

But the most surprising answers were, women liked he was rich. Asking why they liked that best, i was told they liked it because with the wealth he has he can’t be bought. Good point, i thought.

Unlike the women i polled, i’m much more shallow. I just like his looks.
No really. I like how he “looks” people straight in the eyes 😉



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