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Mayor Bloomberg’s battle with the bottle

The bottle issue
by Korifaeus

Formula moms are enraged with our Mayor Bloomberg, because he wants to take the babies off the bottle and back on their mother’s breast. Some moms are upset because it’s a personal issue, they say, and the choice should be left to the mothers, not up to the mayor.

True, it’s no business of the Mayor to regulate breast feeding. He’s become a parent Mayor regulating salt used in Restaurants, prohibiting smoking in Parks, outlawing supersize Sodas and is now trying to enforce breast feeding.

Really, what’s our Mayor up to ?
Create healthy super babies in New York city ? How dare he. New York’s children have the right to be as unhealthy as the rest of the children in this country. They have the right to develop allergies, suffer immune deficiencies like other babies.

Healthy babies for New York who may turn into healthy adults ? What has the world come to ? It’s a war on Nestle, for heaven’s sake, the company having brought us the first infant formula, as well as other baby formula manufacturers.

And though babies can’t be asked, a mother should have the right to choose if she wants to have her baby turn into a healthy adult with a strong immune system and no allergies, or be responsible and allow her child to develop into a sickly child with immune deficiencies to benefit the health care system, which then benefits our economy.

Healthy children and healthy future adults is not the way the future of mankind was envisioned. The new purpose of mankind was to be consumers and that includes
” Health care” , for the sicker we are the better for our economy, specifically hospitals and the pharmaceutical industry benefitting greatly the sicker we are; they profit when we’re sick, not healthy ?

Whatever happened to economic responsibility ? We, the people of this country are responsible for the country’s economic growth. Healthy babies turning into healthy and strong adults will slow down our economy, not ?

The Mayor’s stand is a war on the sicknesses of mankind – sicknesses many depend on. It’s the livelihood of many industries, for goodness sake. What’s next ? Stopping Doctors from prescribing antibiotics for common colds ? It would destroy the yeast-infection-cure industry and prevent pediatric asthma. Unimaginable! But…

… our Mayor Bloomberg may be the one to pull it off



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