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Jovial Queen Elizabeth cheers on British Olympic team

An Affair to forget
by Korifaeus

I just finished watching the Olympic Cere’moanings and will try to be as kind as i possibly can.
The off button of the remote control went click right after team United States shined in their glamorous Ralph Lauren attire, made in China, which means the buttons will fly off within only days ( Made in India buttons last much longer)

I’m trilled i watched the opening ceremonies ( i’m trying to be kind) because i wouldn’t have wanted to miss the lecture on english history; a reminder that the english brought us the Industrial age, taking happy farmers off their fields to put them into factories whose smoke would stink up the air. Word is the stadium did NOT smell of fresh-cut flowers, to add a realistic effect.

The finale of the first act was the high light of the show = 5 golden Rings rising into the sky, then intertwining to become the Olympic rings with pyrotechnic gold rain falling from the sky ( out of the rings), which was a touching moment, the only touching and emotional moment of what felt like hours-upon-hours long boring show ( i’m being kind)

Finally James Bond personally flew in the Queen, sort of, enthusiastically waving to the stadium audience. No, not James Bond, the Queen enthusiastically waved, throwing kisses to everyone, and that smile; her irresistible smile was heart warming has ever.

After having watched what felt like another few hours of dark, gloomy and downbeat mix-choreographies reminding the world of England’s greatest contribution, such as Peter Pan, Mary Poppins, etc. the Olympic athletes came marching in. If it wasn’t for the 5 golden rings in the air and Bob Costas reminding the viewers it was the opening ceremony of the ” Olympics” one could have believed it was a gloomy lecture reminding the world what darkness England brought on to the world.

In the end, England’s team was cheered on by their jovial Queen Elizabeth, who seemed thrilled attending the ceremonies.

Dear future countries hosting the ” Olympics”. If you don’t have innovative and talented people to create a watchable Olympic ceremony ( a World Event), please ask the Chinese if they could lend you whoever was in charge four years ago, or hire Julie Taymor, to assure yourself success.

This was the worst Olympic opening i’ve ever seen.
I am being kind



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