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The unbeatable Presidential Candidate of the Future

Shoe-in Presidency
by Korifaeus

You may’ve not heard of him yet, but you will. The unbeatable Presidential Candidate in waiting. His name, Leroy Gonzales Bristol. By the time he runs ( in 4 years) he’ll be close to fifty one; an age old enough for the older voters to feel comfortable with and young enough for the young voters to whom Leroy can easily reach out.

Leroy Gonzales Bristol, mother African, father Latino/Hispanic, was adopted at a tender age by a loving white all American family, the Bristols. They were so loving and accepting in fact, that they wanted Leroy to keep his birth name, to remember his heritage, while just adding their surname, Bristol, for Leroy to feel part of the family.

Mister Buck Bristol, a hard working episcopal family man, his wife Mishka who is of Jewish decent, brought Leroy up with good old fashion American values.

After leaving college Leroy Gonzales Bristol went into the army and became a war hero; he lost one leg in Afghanistan. After leaving the army he married his high school sweetheart , Sharia, who’s of Arabic decent, but born in the United States, with whom Leroy has two children, Beth and Teddy.

Sharia is a soccer mom and loves it, taking care of her family, which include Tudor, the Golden doodle, ( Dog breed ), Maya the Cat, their grey parrot Willy, and a sweet water aquarium filled with colorful fish.

They’re the all American family and though Leroy Gonzales Bristol was adopted, he remains very close to his adopted family, of whom he thinks as his real family, especially his brother Jake.

Leroy’s support of brother Jake touched the community, especially the speech he gave when Jake married his long time partner Chunha Kim, a handsome immigrant from Korea.

He’s the ticket of the future; the unbeatable candidate, as the pundits call him. His Party ?

We don’t know yet, but we predict he’ll either be a conservative Democrat, or a liberal Republican, running for the new American party.



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