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Tom Cruise leaving Church of Scientology ?

What love could do
by Korifaeus

Katie Holmes filed for divorce from Mega Scientologist movie star Tom Cruise. According to the media all is settled. Will Tom Cruise give up that easily ? Wasn’t Katie Holmes, according to him, the woman he loved ? In recent interviews before the divorce proceedings took place, Tom Cruise was said to still be in love with ” Kate”, as he’s said to call her, the same way he was when first meeting her – going gaga – remember him sharing how he felt about her on Oprah ? exhilarated, enthusiastic, if not slightly euphoric, but hey, that’s what love can do.

And Katie, how did she feel about him when first getting together ? Was it love ? True love, ’till God do us part ?

Let’s give it the benefit of the doubt disregarding the rumors. They loved one another. And let’s assume she still loves him as much as he proclaims he loves her. I’m a romantic and would like to see a happy ending here. I believe in love and want love to win – love to conquer all.

My idea of a happy ending would be that Katie Holmes loved/loves him in such a manner that love gives her the strength to stand up for “her man”, as she called him on David Letterman shortly after Tom and Katie became an item. Seeing that Scientology has a hold on him, thus realizing he is anything “but” a free man, thus take the chance to have him make a choice between LOVE and Scientology.

Having to choose between the little family, Katie, Suri or… Scientology.

If my romantic happy ending scenario could become true she’d become the new Joan of Arc – a hero. A woman in love with a man, trying to “rescue” him from his bondage. To be “Free”, after all, means not being under the control or power of another. No one is free nor one’s own Master when serving a believe outside of oneself.

If he TRULY loves Kate the way he let the public believe he did, and if Kate truly loved Tom, the way she let the public believe she did, then Tom should, by all means, leave Scientology.

It will be the end of Scientology, but Tom Cruise will be a modern-day Hero, Kate his heroine, and love will prevail at last.

If it is and was LOVE, ‘cuz that’s what love could do




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