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How Dangerous is Scientology, or is it ?

Thetan People
by Korifaeus

I’m ignorant about Scientology, but a little while ago i looked up a few things and was surprised to learn how many well known people are said to be members of the Church of Scientology.

Though like many other folks i’ve always heard Scientology mentioned with Mega Stars like Tom Cruise being the Church’s advocates, i knew nothing about their believes and practices, only that it’s said to be a dangerous cult not believing in Psychiatry.

Having looked up a few things re. Scientology, even visiting their website, i found nothing could be further from the truth ; they very obviously believe in Psychiatry = the study and treatment of mental illness, emotional disturbance, and abnormal behavior.

If they would not believe in Psychiatry they wouldn’t be giving people a personality test with 200 questions to be filled out.

I looked at the questions; most of them are 101 psychology questions to see how insecure a person is. Many of the questions, however, when answered honestly, provide a glimpse inside the mindset of a person – not unlike questions Psychiatrists ( Good Psychiatrist, that is) ask patients, to get to know the mind/disposition of the person before diagnosing them.

Example: One of the question is,( paraphrase) ” Do you page through telephone books, dictionaries or train schedules for enjoyment ?”

That’s an intriguing question ‘cuz there are people who find great joy paging through phone books. Mathematicians who studied Pythagoras, for example; they go so far as to draw geometric symbols on pages to see on which name the points land and to which name they connect. It’s an old study to analyze the “order” of the universe, said to be in absolute order. It can be done with any book, but those studying this specific field prefer telephone books.

Some, who may be diagnosed as schizophrenic, look for “secret messages” within the pages; and though Schizophrenics do it, folks believing in extraterrestrials or highly Religious folks believing God sends messages in many way, do it too – they look for words or pictures that are meaningful to them, then connect them to the telephone number.

Some add the telephone numbers, into two digits, then look up the verse in the bible. Some do it for entertainment, for fun, others take it very seriously, believing it’s a personal message to them from God.

Then there are number-interpreters, who phonetically pronounce the numbers to mean something, for example 342, meaning “three for two”, then interpret it individualistically, and the list goes on. And then there are folks who play ” pictionary”, looking at the pictures in phonebooks ( advertisements, etc) to see if secret political messages are sent. There are all sorts of folks looking at train schedules or phone books for various reasons.

Thus the question is a Psychiatric question and when answered “yes”, the evaluator will look for answers which may lead them to believe they’re dealing with either a fanatic, a fearful person seeking confirmation in everything they do, a mathematicians, or obsessive persons, or, or, …

Another question is: (paraphrase) ” Do you sometimes experience muscle twitching, while there doesn’t appear to be a reason for it ?”

That’s a good ole fashioned Psychiatric/ Physician’s question from the old school; everyone has an occasional muscle twitch, it’s the nature of our central nervous system; BUT some people have less or more severe muscle twitches, for example folks trying to keep their “anger” under control – snarl twitches of the left or right upper lip – thigh muscle twitches of both or just one of the legs, etc
Then there are nervous or anxiety twitches ( boy meets girl and visa versa)

People suffering from Tourette’s syndrome have also twitches, but there are folks with less severe tics who’ve not been diagnosed with Tourette and may experience unexplained twitches. Epileptics may have twitches, but also folks who’ve over-extended their muscles; for example holding the handle of a pot filled with water in mid-air, for a minute, can result in a twitch of the thumb, because the muscle has not previously been used that way – thus a twitch would be very natural.
( Medical students are known to have diagnosed themselves with MS when that happened to them)

But then there are people who experience twitches due to living in an overly-controlled environment, a difficult relationship, or having had a mother who may’ve screamed all day long – a kid may start twitching. Students having to study a lot may also develop twitches due to stress.

There are many such questions, which are old fashioned Physician’s questions to evaluate a person’s ” mental” well being, in this test – thus for Scientology to state they don’t believe in Psychiatry ?

Scientology also states they don’t believe in medications, pharmaceuticals, for the treatment of mental illnesses, disorders, anxiety, trauma, etc. According to their own website, their believes and practices, that’s not true either, they very much appear to believe in “drugs”, which are sold to members during their “purification” treatment in form of” vitamin supplements.

Now one may say vitamin supplements aren’t drugs. Okay, then let’s get specific; what’s a “drug” ? It’s a substance that has a ” physiological” effect when ingested or otherwise introduced to the body.

If Scientologists believe vitamin/mineral supplements have no physiological effect on the body, why suggest them to members to achieve well being ?

Now, one may say vitamin pills, specifically “mineral” supplements, are harmless – not so, they can be terribly “harmFUL” – specifically because supplements aren’t “organic” minerals; they’re inorganic hard minerals that end up in the joints, arteries and can cause a lot of damage.

Good old fashion Psychiatrists used to suggest different diets, too. If concluding a person may be “confused” or “hallucinates” due to vitamin B1 deficiency because they ate too much dried fruits with sulphur dioxide (Sulphur dioxide depletes the body of vitamin B1), thus the good Physician suggested soaked oatmeal, peanut butter, sesame tahini, etc.

(That was when Psychiatrists, and Physicians in general, were still top-notch diagnosticians taking their time to thoroughly diagnose a patient )

Point being, Scientology does very much believe in Psychiatry and from what i read about their believes and practices, some members may even end up seeing Psychiatrists should they be vulnerable and start believing their actually immortal “Thetans”.

Scientology has been looked into since the sixties, when the first artsy and Bohemian folks began signing up – open to new esoteric believes at a time of drugs, which may led them to get into that whole “extra terrestrial” thing.

According to Scientology humans are actually the body-vehicles of immortal extraterrestrials called “Thetan”. ( A Greek tribe, perhaps; the Thetan, Etan, Tetan and the Epsylon ? ).

How can that be healthy or promoting “well being” of mind and body when introducing the idea of being an extra-terrestrial ? That’s sounds like a sure way to a psychiatrist.

And if this sect/cult or church is as dangerous as we’re told via media, etc. then wouldn’t it seem reasonable to believe that law enforcement agencies have long infiltrated it – undercover agents becoming trusted members to rise in their hierarchy, eventually able to investigate it from the inside ?

That would seem like the logical thing to do. ( ? )

Or, possibility two. With the awareness that some, shall we say peculiar folks, are amongst us, with possibly dangerous mental conditions, agendas to take over the world, the Government may have been farsighted and created a sect/cult ( or sects and cults) decades ago, attracting different people to psychiatrically evaluate them, without their knowledge. That way the Government would know who’s who and who’s capable of what, which folks are capable of criminal acts, or can be talked into things, etc.

Thus is Scientology dangerous ?
I think we each individually can be dangerous to ourselves when believing everything we’re told, or easily led stray, and not use “common sense”.

Personally i believe in Big Brother and want to believe he’s long made a farsighted strategic plan to keep an eye on things. Perhaps i want to believe that because i believe that only the brightest, most farsighted folks are actually running the Government – the World’s Government, that is.

In God we trust



4 comments on “How Dangerous is Scientology, or is it ?

  1. Great Caesar's Ghost
    July 14, 2012

    Interesting read. I always thought it was L. Ron Hubbard’s grand practical joke on the human race, but now I’m not so sure.

    • Korifaeus
      July 14, 2012

      We’re all allowed our own spin on reality, 😉

      • Some of the things about scientology I go with myself such as not believing in certain things or that certain medications have no value. But I’m not like that because of scientology. My grandfather despised all doctors of all kinds. He thought Freud was a loon and that nothing he said could be believed by a sane person. In today’s world, it seems, a lot of people believe everything they hear out of everybody. heh heh

      • Korifaeus
        July 17, 2012

        There’s Doctors and Doctors; good ones and bad ones, just as in every field. I know really terrific, not to say “Masterful” Psychiatrists – Physicians taking their profession quite serious, even make house calls to see exactly how a person lives, to thoroughly evaluate all before making a diagnosis.
        And i know of Psychiatrists who one can only consider “Quacks”, giving Psychiatry a bad name.
        See article : Has Psychiatry hot rock bottom, if you like

        I agree that too many people believe everything they’re told, even if it makes no sense.

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