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Thank God for Slavery

A blessed encounter
by Korifaeus

Sounds evil, doesn’t it ? But let me explain. The above statement was made to me in a train from Edinburgh to Aberdeen ( Scotland) by an American woman; a very bright one, i must ad, and perhaps it’s important to mention that she was black, African American.

We happen to sit next to one another, two Americans meeting, talking, two women traveling. Across from us some was someone reading a paper, something about Africa, the problems in Kenya at the time ( it’s a few years back).

Seeing the headlines, she suddenly said to me, ” I thank God for Slavery”.
Naturally i was dumbstruck. Then she explained that if it wasn’t for slavery she, as an African descendent would still be living in Africa. Not knowing from where exactly in Africa she was from, she said, maybe her people came from one of those troubled spots. Maybe she would be starving of hunger – maybe she would be in a war zone. Maybe she wouldn’t exist at all and her people would long have seized to exist.

It was probably one of the most intriguing discussions i’ve ever had, making me really pay attention to her every word, interested in her argument which was astounding to me as much as it was bewildering and inspiring.

She was a God fearing/loving person; a Babtist. She said that her folks way back then had to endure troubles so their descendants can live – eventually living in a free world, not suffering starvation, nor wars.

I long thought about what she told me. Sometimes we meet strangers on a train, in a plane, in a cafe sharing thoughts with us that stay with us for as long as we live, as though God speaks through them, sharing messages so we can see the many different ways of looking at things – how evil can create good and visa versa.

I don’t know the woman’s name, we never shared our first names, while yet we had hour long conversations. Still her face remains in my memory, because it inspired thoughts i never considered. Today, just now, on the 4th of July, i thought of her, realizing how she made it her choice to never see herself as a victim of past horrors, rather a ” blessed person”, grateful to God for having brought her people to this country.

Whoever you are, Dear Lady, you brought tears into my eyes just now, while i remembered, how deeply your words touched me then and touch me now.

A very happy 4th of July to you, : )
and may God bless America

In God we trust



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