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Let’s go to College to look at some Penis

P like Penis, oops, i mean Princeton

by Korifaeus

I’m always curious as to what’s going on in colleges, universities. At Princeton University they don’t have fraternities or sororities. They have ” Eating Clubs” students are encouraged to join. The Initiation to get into the eating clubs varies and in one of the eating clubs at Princeton the initiation is as follows:

The boys go into one room and have to strip naked. The girls go into another room and undress down to their bra and panties. They then go to a room where they can look at one another, converse and have an interesting conversation (we’re talking University) or stare at some penises.

I was born in the wrong time. When i grew up kids went to university to get an education and study. I WISH i would’ve had the opportunity to look at some penises. Hell yeah. I’m a female, a healthy one, and i would have stared at each and every one of those penises in the room very thoroughly had i’ve had the pleasure of joining an eating club at Princeton.

I would have asked the boys to please sit down, so i can draw them – the penises that is – to thoroughly and scientifically analyze the difference in color, size and see which penis goes with what nose, hands, fingers, etc. I would have educated myself to become a penis-form-and size-detector.

What this initiation has to do with ” Eating Clubs” is puzzling; i would have thought that to be able to join an “eating club” one may need to guess what food is what, while being blind folded, or so.

What do you think; should that be part of getting a college Education ?



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