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Cure for all Cancers is finally found, BUT…

Dare i say it
by Korifaeus

Cancer is a horrible disease but we’ve come a long way; technology has advanced, medicine made advancements, more and more treatments are available. But it doesn’t go away. Pediatric cancer has risen, as has Pancreatic cancer.

But cancer, as horrific as it may sound, has created a vast economy. Let’s be realistic – diseases in general create a tremendous economy.

If there were less diseases, especially cancer, we wouldn’t need as many hospitals. We’d need fewer Doctors, Radiologists, Oncologists, Surgeons, Nurses, Medical staff, Hospital employees, Health insurances, Pharmacies, Pharmacists, Drug stores, Medicine manufacturers, Bio chemists, Medical Labs, etc.

Millions upon millions of people depend on people being sick. If the world was suddenly healthy, or much healthier, millions of people would lose their jobs. Where would they all go – what would they do – which jobs are available to them ?

Needing less Physicians we’d need less Medical Schools, thus also less Professors teaching medicine. Same goes for nursing schools and medical college for medical technicians.

All these instruments needed for preventive medicine, like X-ray machines, Cat-scans, MRI’s wouldn’t be needed as much either; thus less manufacturing of such machines. Less manufacturing means less jobs in these fields, as well.

A lot of people are dependent on people getting sick. It’s either them keeping their jobs through us continuing to get sick, or we get healthy and they lose their jobs.

Now imagine a consequential thinker/scientist knows how to cure diseases once and for all. He and some of his colleagues even found a substance assuring one will never get cancer if it’s taken – a sort of vaccine. Being consequential thinkers they’d ring with themselves if they should release the drug or not, aware it can put an end to illnesses and cancer, but also create chaos = a catastrophic collapse of an entire industry – world wide.

These scientists are good people and want to do the right thing. Their problem, however, is “awareness” of the consequences. Curing millions upon millions of people will cause millions upon millions to lose their jobs; we’re talking MILLIONS of people.

Who would want to walk in the shoes of these men having to make such decisions ?

If i were ill, hundreds of people can keep their job. Should i remain healthy for the rest of my life, hundreds of people will lose their job. That is a hell of a load for us people to carry. The responsibility is enormous. Thus to be a good sport, i go to my annual physical and tell my friends they do the same, so my doctor can keep his job, as well as his nurses, the lab and his billing department.

I go to my annual pep-smear ( always a pleasure), every few years i do the mammogram ( not fun at all, but i make sure to eat lots of shrimp (iodine) and bananas (potassium) before and after, to prevent negative effects from the darn radiation of the x-ray machine) so the radiologists can keep his job, too.

I also see my proctologist on a regular basis, because i want him to keep his job, too.
Teeth cleaning twice a year, so my dentist, his wife and hygienist can keep their jobs.

I have tried to stay out of the sun for a while, but that i just couldn’t do. Believe me when i tell you that i want to help the system, i do – but not going into the sun, so i, too, become vitamin D deficient and depressed, to then see a Psychiatrist to prescribe me pills to alter my mood ? Sorry can’t do. I have a tough time swallowing pills.

Pills, especially those big ones injure the esophageal lining, at times even the vocal chords, when getting stuck between esophagus and trachea, and then one coughs and coughs – eventually it’s irritated, ulcerated and if it continues mutates into a cancer. I believe there is a reason why we have teeth = to chew food into a fine paste, because the esophageal lining is very delicate, and hard things, like pills ( or those huge supplements) are opposed to what nature intended to go down the esophagus.

I could also be given Vitamin D3 supplements in powder, or drink more vitamin D3 milk; but it would absorb too much calcium, possibly lead to calcification of my arteries, joints, nerves, etc. which is what vitamin D3 does – ending up with what some scientists call the 3D Disease ( from vitamin D3 supplements) = Delusion, Depression, Dementia.

See, i want to be a good sport and have everyone keep their job, but i need mine, too; i write mostly satire and need my good mood; and i rather go into the sun, absorbing D2, with, thus far, no negative side effects – keeping my “sunny” personality and remain healthy.

That way i can continue seeing all of my doctors for a very long time, and they can keep their jobs. 😉



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