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Has Psychiatry hit Rock-Bottom ?

Common-sense Medicine
by Korifaeus

There are good ones and bad ones in every field, from carpentry all the way to medicine. But a terrible carpenter is not nearly as bad as a bad physician; an unstable wooden table or chair can be fixed, but getting a wrong diagnosis can result in increased health problems – that’s not as easily fixed as a wooden table.

When i read about autism – which does not appear to be as pandemic as it seemed several years ago – and the symptoms according to the DSM (ICD), and worst even the “treatment”; anyone with but a tiny bit of common sense must wonder what medical school some of these psychiatrists attended ? Medical schools of the 20th century ?

And what some ( by far not all, thank God) of these Psychiatrists, Psychologists did in their free time to increase their knowledge, especially in “pediatric psychiatry or psychology”, to treat children, makes one wonder, as well.

Do or did they spend time with children to learn about “natural” behaviors ? Do or did they have a passion for human behavior in general, paying close attention to personality, demeanor, dispositions ? And do they visit the homes of children they diagnose, to see in what kind of environment their patients grow up ?

I’m sure you’ve heard about small children rocking themselves back and forth, which is often seen as a sign of autism, as well as other “disorders” according to the DSM and some papers of “behavioral” Psychiatry.

The rocking back and forth of children has increased over the years; specifically over the past 20 years. Prior to that one only saw children rock themselves in either Orphanages or Mental wards. Though the cause is nowadays said to be “physical”, the rocking of oneself is known to be a psychologically motivated movement and has increased for years now, for several reasons.

If you’re over forty you probably remember “rocking” chairs. A nursing mother used to sit in a rocking chair when breast feeding her baby. Few mothers, nowadays, use rocking chairs, which used to comfort the mother as well as the baby. A soft rocking motion is known to be soothing and calming.

What about cradles ? The hand that rocks the cradle ? A baby used to be placed into a cradle/crib and softly rocked to sleep. When is the last time you saw a “rocking” cradle ?

And when the baby grew into a toddler it was given a “rocking” horse, to rock itself back and forth. When is the last time you’ve seen a rocking horse in a toy store, or in the home of a toddler ?

And when old enough to go to the playground there were also plenty of rocking devices – the ” swing” for example.

A mother with natural maternal instincts picks up her crying baby and softly rocks it back and forth in her arms and the baby stops crying. To rock is the most natural thing to do – it’s imprinted in our genes. When seeing someone upset, we approach the person, hold the person – child or adult – and softly rock them while hugging. It’s immensely soothing and “natural”.

But since Psychiatrists appear unable to figure out why some people bite their fingernails or injure themselves, (self-injury), which, among rocking themselves back and forth, is nowadays called ” movement disorder”, how can one expect they’ll figure out that when the rocking chair, the rocking cradle and the rocking horse were taken away from children they began rocking themselves back and forth ?

Having said that, there are good ones and bad ones in every profession, but when the bad ones start outweighing the good and common sense is starting to take a back seat, it’s time to rock the boat a bit, and that, too, can be very soothing and calm things down a bit. 😉



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