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I am CONSTANTLY mistaken for Jesus Christ

I am NOT Jesus Christ
by Korifaeus

Does that happen to you, too, that you’re constantly mistaken for Jesus Christ ? I don’t think a day goes by when people appear to mistake me for Jesus Christ. I have to constantly correct them.

I take a relaxed stroll through the city and it’s not unusual someone feels the need to point out i’m tall, but calls me Jesus Christ: ” Jesus Christ, are you tall”.
I immediately correct them, stating, : “My name is Leagan” ( pronounced Lee-gen).
” Oh, nice te meet ye. Jesus Christ, you’re tall”.
” You may call me Leagan ?”, i say once again, hoping they get the drift i’m not Jesus Christ.

I have long hair, am tall and don’t really think i have a masculine look, thus it’s puzzling why some folks appear to be under the impression i’m male or such, which may lead them to believe i’m Jesus Christ ?

I grab a coffee at my favorite Italian coffee place and it never takes long until someone states, “Jesus Christ, you got long hair.”

Mind you, my hair is long but not that long, as in unusually long, to evoke astonishment, or the impression that i’m not aware of the length of my hair for them to point it out, so i, too, know i have long hair.

As usual, i tell the person,”My name is Leagan”. Then i’m told:” Jesus Christ, Leagan, you got long hair.”

Shoe salesmen appear to be under the impression i’m Jesus Christ, as well. Almost every shoe salesmen, that is. I ask for a size 12 woman’s size and what is the first response i get ? ” Jesus Christ, you got big feet.”

Quite frankly, it’s embarrassing. Sometimes i’m addressed as “Good Lord”, as in “Good Lord, you got big feet.”

But it really goes TOO FAR when folks say, ” God almightily, that was a “hell” of a serve”, when playing tennis.

Hey, at least give ME credit for my SERVE, okay ?
And for those who don’t understand english, “Je’suis Leagan, – Je’ nes suis pas Christ, okay?




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