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Encountering PREJUDICE on a daily basis

Dealing with prejudice
by Korifaeus

How many times i’ve heard the question, ” How is the air up there ?”, is at least as many times as every tall person in this world has heard that very sentence. Approx. almost every time one stands in a supermarket line.

I’m tall for a girl( woman) but i’m not a giant. I’m 6 foot 1 1/2 and regardless where i find myself in the world, i’m asked
”How is the air up there ?”. This question is international and uttered in most every language.

Since it’s tough to answer the question i tell the inquirers , ” It’s not about the air. It’s about the view.”

The other question one is frequently asked, when tall, is, ” Do you play basketball ?”

It goes without saying that the person asking is most often small in height, thus i was curious to see how smaller people, asking this question, react when i responded as follows.
” No, i don’t play basketball. Are you a Jokey ?”

The smaller person takes offense – that’s the reaction. But why ? I’m not offended when asked if i play basketball; which is what many tall people do. But jockeys are small in height, thus why would it offend a smaller person when asked ” Are you a Jokey ?”

It’s also quite common to be asked about one’s height. ” How tall are you?”
I answer the question whenever i’m asked. But i also ask the person in return, ”And how tall are you ?”

” What ?”, is the usual first response. Then i’m told i was being rude.

1. It’s okay for smaller people to ask if a taller person plays basketball, but it’s rude to ask a smaller person if she/he is a Jokey. (?)
2. It’s okay to ask a tall person how tall he/she is, but it’s rude to ask a smaller person the same question.(?)

Note; You may have read the following sentence somewhere, or heard it somewhere = ” Studies have shown that tall people are more successful career wise.”

More successful than who ? No such study exist, btw. I’ve tried in vain to find out which studies exactly the writers referred to. The answers i received were, ‘ I read it in a magazine. I believed it was true’.

Or, ”Studies have shown that smaller people are paid less than tall people.”

Not true. No such study exists, either. What such statements create is prejudice and envy against tall people. Tall people are more often rejected than smaller people and won’t get a job because the employer believes that a tall person has a greater chance of getting hired than the smaller person the employer just hired because of such non-existent studies. The majority of employers think that way. Ergo: Tall people have to try much harder than small people to get a job.

With all the ”equal rights” groups, tall people should give out flyers and ask people to support equal rights for tall people. The prejudice against tall people has to stop. Not all tall people are basketball players or models. Some are handball players and high jumpers. And some are secretly employed by supermarkets to retrieve items for smaller customers from the top shelves.



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