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The Boxing Rebellion – Let’s drop Nevada and go to New York

The Boxing Rebellion
by Korifaeus

It was by mere coincidence -if there is such a thing – that i saw last nights boxing match between Bradley and Pacquiao. I visited friends, who’re boxing fans, thus ended up watching the fight with them.

I don’t like boxing – i don’t enjoy watching boxing matches – it’s no thrill for me to see someone hit the face of another; having said that, when amongst friends who so happen to watch a boxing match i watch and reflect.

Though i’m utterly clueless about boxing, points, the sport in general, it’s somehow common sense that the one who appears to’ve punched his opponent many times more, than being punched himself, won. Thus i took it for granted Pacquiao won.

Everyone in the den felt he won, too, as did the commentators. When the Judges made their final decisions as to the winner of the match i was bewildered. “Didn’t Pacquiao clearly score more points ? Didn’t he win almost every round, or how is this scored ?” i asked my friends who’re knowledgable about boxing – but they were just as bewildered as i was.

Were the Judges watching the same fight we and the commentators watched ? Can’t be.

Hey, all i know is that if there’s a school yard brawl and one hits another, the one appearing defenseless lost and the other one won.

Word around the boxing fan circle is that the fight was fixed, the Nevada boxing commission corrupt and the Judges clueless. I don’t know, but i take their word for it, especially since one friend, watching the fight, is quite knowledgeable and never has a favorite, thus an impartial juror.

” So”, i said, ” Let’s drop Nevada and bring the boxing matches to New York – let’s have the fights at Madison Square Garden”. It’ll be fair, it won’t be rigged, nor corrupt, nor fixed and the fellow of the men’s clothing commercial will “guarantee it”.

It’s exactly that easy. Boxers, not willing to be part of fixed fights and unfair matches, along with boxing commissions just have to say:” No thank you, let’s bring the fights to New York City.

And for the fans who want to stay for the weekend and gamble. Special busses will go to Atlantic city. ( Right Mayor, that could be arranged ? )

Word is it’s not the first time the Nevada boxing commission has been suspect of controversies. Thus why continue fighting in Nevada ? Teach them a lesson and bring the fights to New York – otherwise boxing will lose its audience, which has declined dramatically as it is.

Boxing is a brutal sport – but if two guys are willing to break each others noses and knock one another out, ( and get paid for doing so ) at least have a gentlemen jury of fair Judges and present a fair fight – brutal is one thing, but brutal AND crooked is slightly over the top, don’t ye think ?

Let’s drop Nevada !
Onward Madison Square Garden.



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