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Mayor Bloomberg’s war on Obesity

Super Soda ban
by Korifaeus

Our micro-managing Mayor Michael Bloomberg is trying to ban super Sodas in New York City to fight obesity. Thus far he made sure Restaurants use less salt, use to the good fats instead of the bad fats and succeeded to prohibit smoking in parks. ( see article, A Salute to Mayor Michael Bloomberg)

I don’t drink Soda, but if i was a soda addict, which is what many soda drinkers are = addicted to sugar, i’d just buy two smaller sodas should no super sizes be available.

And being a sugar addict, due to most obese people suffering from intestinal yeast infections resulting in a craving for bread and sugar, it won’t make any difference if super size sodas are available or not.

Not sure who the Mayor’s medical consultants are, but if his consultants are the fellows who came up with the brilliant idea of adding vitamin D3 and A to milk, then he should look into the direction of conservative scientists not engaging in ” symptomatic” medicine, but look for the “cause”.

The Number 1 cause for obesity in this country began with over-prescription of antibiotics, resulting in a “candida” epidemic – intestinal yeast infections are higher in our country than in any other country in the world.

Number 2. Once the body is infested with yeast, the yeast wants to live and grow bigger – yeast takes control of the body and becomes a dictator = the body begins craving sugar and bread. Giving the body what it craves results in weight gain and weight gain results in people becoming lethargic. Lethargy results in less exercise, thus no fat is burned and the person begins to gain even more weight.

Weight gain in men and women can result in depression due to not feeling confident about their bodies. When depressed the brain begins craving sugar to create endorphins to ” numb” psychological pain. But more than that; yeast doesn’t like the sun. Sunshine is a fungus’ biggest enemy, thus an affected person will feel ill when exposed to sun. Lack of sunshine results in vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D, however, is utmost important for the body ( brain) to create hormones/ neurotransmitters, for our well-being ( Serotonin, for example).

3. The cutting of “fat” in food products, while adding “sugar” for flavor. Once folks gained weight they try to cut down on the fat in their diet and start buying products labeled, ” LIGHT”, or 0 Fat, etc. Though they’re not eating fat, they’re still eating sugar added to the products to increase the flavor.

4. Once a yeast infection spreads inside the body, it affects mucus membranes, as well, resulting in sinus problems, ear infections and bronchial conditions. These “symptoms” of yeast infections are rarely recognized and physicians practicing “symptomatic” medicine will diagnose the symptoms as an infection ( cold, etc.). prescribing “antibiotics”, which will result in an increase of yeast.

5. Once the body is overwhelmed with yeast, it spreads to the skin; rashes occur, especially in areas where a person sweats. Thus the affected person will possibly see a non-thorough doctor, who will then give the person ” cortisone cremes” ( steroids) to linger the rashes. Yeast LOVES cortisone and steroids, which increases the rash.

Unless an affected person finds a Physician who’s a thorough diagnostician, the symptoms and weight gain will only worsen, and a ban on Super size Sodas is not going to rid obesity. Even if there is no soda available, there are plenty of other high sugar products an obese person can indulge in.

Having said that – a ban on super size Sodas will help the economy. It’s mostly people with less income buying the “cheaper” super sizes, thus they’ll have to dig deeper into their pockets. Instead of buying a super size, soda drinkers will have to buy two smaller ones, which soda companies will appreciate because they make more profit, and more profit means the Coca Cola stock will go up, which has been rather labile, lately.

Heck, yeah, let the poor help the economy a bit.
Buy two get one free 😉



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