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A Salute to Mayor Michael Bloomberg

A Man of the city

by Korifaeus

Our Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, is one of the most farsighted Mayors the world has ever seen. A man who cares about the health and well being of New Yorkers, tourists and visitors and the cleanliness of parks.

He enforced restaurants use good fats instead of bad fats – use less sodium – and now he’s trying to put a ban on super Size Sodas to fight obesity. Last year a law was past that prohibits smoking in public parks. People will smoke less, may have been one reason for the law – the other reason, so the word, is to keep the parks clean.

Result: New York has the cleanest parks. No more cigarette butts in parks.
Tourists, visitors and New Yorkers thus have no other choice than smoke on the street, on side walks, with cigarette butts ending up on side walks and street corners. Thus we ended up with the cleanest parks, while the streets are covered with cigarette butts. And though it appears to be unorthodox at first glance, it resulted in store owners having to clean up in front of their stores, or buildings, getting rid of all the cigarette butts.

With everyone cleaning the sidewalks in front of their buildings themselves, the city can cut down on the cleaning crews employed by the city. It’ll save the city a bundle.

Talking to some of the former Park smokers, i.e., gentlemen who’d sit themselves on a bench in Central Park after a hard days work in the office, leisurely smoking a cigar, to relax before going home ( always cleaning up after themselves = not leaving their cigar or pipe tobacco on the ground next to the bench, rather extinguish it and put it in the garbage ), i was surprised to see them come out of a smokers lounge.

One of them told me he’d rather sit in the park, because before the smoking prohibition in parks, he could leisurely smoke a cigar after work, then have a chewing gum and his wife would never know he had a cigar. Now, however, he comes home after smoking a cigar and his wife knows right away where he’d been after work, with his clothes smelling of cigar smoke after sitting in a smoke filled lounge for an hour.

Okay, that’s the downside of it. The wives of the former park smokers now know where they husbands have been. But, it will safe the city a bundle, because the Department of Sanitation doesn’t have to send cleaning crews to clean the side walks, which are now cleaned by the store and building owners themselves, to get rid of all the cigarette butts.



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