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Let me help you Donald Trump

Where is the Trump card ?
by Korifaeus

Is there some sort of puzzle game going on the big folks play amongst themselves, while we little people just catch the news headlines, unaware some sort of game is being played ?

The Central Intelligence Agency ( ” Intelligence”) creating some fun puzzle insiders are supposed to solve, while at the same time it creates entertainment for us onlookers and news watchers, believing all this stuff is really happening in the world ?

Birth Certificate gate, for example. Donald Trump has yet to reveal WHY exactly he’s suspicious about the birth certificate. Thus i took me a look at the President’s Birth Certificate, available for review at the White House Website, and … can i play, too ?

Okay, here’s what i figured could’ve evoked suspicions.

The R in BaRack is not printed thoroughly, thus may be a clue to the puzzle. Hmm, i thought, very suspicious; that R could have been fixed and may’ve been a P before, and a little line was added to make an R out of the P.
But why ?

If it was a P it would have read Bapack. Bapack, or Baback means ” father” in the Indonesian language. Could it be a hint that the President’s father may have been Indonesian rather than African ?

Then i looked at the date and thought, maybe the school report cards are inconsistent with his age, which arose suspicions of some sort ? Perhaps the President was born on August 4th, 1959 instead of August 4th 1961 ? If so, he wouldn’t have been born on U.S. soil due to a ” technicality” = Hawaii became part of the Union Ausgust 21, 1959 – which could have prevented him from becoming President, due to a “technicality”, thus the date was fixed ?

If his father was Indonesian instead of African, it wouldn’t have gone too well with the voters, thus that needed to be fixed to make him appeal to the Black voters – not just dark skinned Asian Americans, but African Americans, too.

Indonesia has so many different ethnicities; many can easily be mistaken for African Americans. Oprah Winfrey, Quincy Jones, the adult Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson could just as well be Indonesian, or dark skinned Asian. Snooky, from that Jersey Shore show, looks Asians, rather than Italian.

Mainland America just sees dark skin and thinks it’s an African American, even if it’s a fellow from Sri Lanka; and if a dark skinned lady has straight hair, they believe it must have been straightened.

Seriously, Mister Trump, if you want to win this game ( it’s a game right ? ), the only way to find out if the President was born in the United States, is to ask the President to allow his very personal information to be revealed, or example his belly button cut, and … well, yeah …THAT, too, ‘cuz that’s done differently from culture to culture and differs from country to country, but is a shoe-in for ethnic background and place of birth.

Oh, should this information have helped you and the game is about big bucks, the part that should go to me ( for helpful assistance), please, take the money and do me a favor, which will benefit you, too.

PLEASE find yourself a great barber and have him give you a “sophisticated” haircut that screams “Confidence”. You’ll thrill your audience – your ratings will go up tremendously, ‘cuz everyone would want to see Donald Trump’s new haircut. Not kidding, we’d all look forward to that.

‘ Cheers’ 😉



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