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The Bomb of Bombs

by Korifaeus

Perhaps it’s THE Bombshell of all times; and though she is beyond attractive, she does not appear to be too funny.
Who ? A Bombshell. A Bombshell is a very attractive woman. Not explosive – just a ” shell”, and as the word reveals NOT funny. Bombshell = a very attractive woman who’s not funny. If she was funny she’d be called a Killshell.

Been to a comedy club lately ? Some comedians have the tendency to bomb. Terrible comedians, that is. When a performer flopped, meaning his performance failed miserably, he bombed. If a comedian so happens to be successful, receiving applause, standing ovations and cheers, he “killed” the audience. He killed them. That’s inside jargon of show biz.

I would have thought a great comedian, or performer in general, succeeding in making a crowd laugh, brought them to life, but no; comedians amongst themselves say, “He or she ‘killed’ them.

Who was the first to wish an artist to break his leg ? ”Break a leg” is supposed to mean, ”Good luck with the audition”.
Pardon me, but i’d prefer someone to wish me good luck rather than a broken leg.

Show business is a brutal business. When on a set, filming a movie, the director says ”action” and the director of Photography, the camera man, will begin to shoot.
 They’re ”shooting” a picture.

Models, actors, extras and all those standing in front of cameras are shot. They’re constantly being shot. By a camera.
Actual shooting is at times also shot. A camera man working for a news station, for example, shoots the shooters. He has to be very careful they don’t shoot back, ‘cuz were they to shoot back they may have the camera man on film while he’s shooting the shooters and that’s when it becomes complicated because one ends up wondering who the shooters were and who the shooters.



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