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Homosexuals and Equal Rights

Gay Marriage
by Korifaeus

Homosexuals want equal rights. They want to have the same rights as everyone else in this country. They want the right to get married. Nothing wrong with that. A homosexual can get married. It’s their right. They never had less than equal rights. They were given more than equal rights; Laws were created to protect them from being discriminated against.

Equal rights means that they can get married to someone like everyone else. But they want to get married to a partner of the same sex. That’s not asking for equal rights. That’s asking for special rights

No one i know, nor i myself, is against the right of homosexuals to live together, have a civil ceremony, be in a loving relationship. All the best to them.

But a marriage is just not possible between a couple of the same sex, according to the laws of nature . I think there may be a misunderstanding regarding the meaning of the word, marriage.

Marriage, from the latin word “mare” (etymological root) meaning “ocean”, which also refers to “womb”, of a woman. The word “Matrimony”, from the latin word “mater”, meaning mother, refers to impregnating a woman. Specifically the word ‘ Matri-monealis’ – monealis means nun, but can also refer to a “virgin”, a woman who’s not given birth. Matri, refers to mother.
The words Marriage and Matrimonium literally means a man committing to a woman to ” mate ” with, have a child, creating a family tree. That is the actual meaning of the word Marriage and Matrimony.
It’s not about individual definitions, interpretations; it’s the “meaning” of the word, the reason why lawmakers and those familiar with the actual meaning of the word, say no.

How can a man and a man mate, create a family tree ?
Same goes for a woman and a woman. How can two women ” mate”, creating a new tree ?

It’s not about Religion, nor semantics, nor about discrimination. It’s about the law of nature.
Male and female created he them. Human beings, the beasts of the fields, fish, fowl, insects, every species is made male and female so they can “reproduce” themselves.

How can two men, or two women “reproduce” themselves ? Not possible. And that’s what the word marriage and matrimony, means.

I’m beginning to suspect that homosexuals are hung up by the words ” marriage” and “matrimony”. It’s not possible. Not according to “nature”. Thus why not call it Nuptials, instead ?
You have the right, like everyone else, to exchange nuptials, “legally” committing yourself to a life long partnership, to respect and love one another ’till God do you part.

How about it ?


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