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Are there drugs in our food ?

Surreal Realities
by Korifaeus

Remember the sixties/seventies ? Something happened, because since the end of 1969 a lot appeared to have gone backwards instead of forward. Was it the landing on the moon ? Was it the drug era ? Did the baby boomers drip a drop too much acid, never to fully recover from the visions they had, then decided to make them reality ? Surreality ?

Who came up with ” landfills “? Who came up with the brilliant idea to dispose of garbage using landfills ? Doesn’t that seem slightly, well, … insane ? Really, it becomes funny in a bizarre way when thinking about it. It must have been someone on a heavy dose of drugs to come up with “landfills”.

Stone man stands on a hill overlooking an empty piece of land and thinks:” Yep, Eureka”.

Are there drugs in our food, or how is it possible that a lot of people decided to just go along with dumping garbage at a spot, then cover it with some soil ?

Seriously, it seems that some parts of the creative thinking process went backwards since the late sixties. Take milk bottles, for example. Refundable, refillable, it worked perfectly fine. Everyone got their fresh milk from the local farmer. No trash was created.

Then came the genius invention of cartons, which created garbage.
Question, …was that created to create more jobs ? The recycling industry ? Milk bottles made of glass was “recycling”, wasn’t it ?

Berries in individual plastic baskets. Another impressive creation. Got to fill up the landfills, right ? Now that they were in place – why leave them empty ?

” Hey Manny, lets built us a mountain” suggests pot head Duke van Knowitall.

” With what ?” asks Manny.

” With garbage, duh”, replies Duke van Knowitall. ” And on top the mountain me gonna build me a house, how coooool is dat ???”, he adds, impressed with what he believes is an innovative vision, taking a long puff from his foot-long super bong.

But it’s not Duke van Knowitall’s fault, nor the plastic industry that this all came to pass. It’s us who chose to go with the flow, because we wanted to make it easy on ourselves.
Would it really have been too much work for us to fill up a small paper bag with strawberries from a huge strawberry crate the farmer brought in, then let it be weight at the register ?

Check out the imposing Windmills to provide ” Environmentally” friendly energy. Coal cleans the air from pollutants and toxins. Activated charcoal tablets are taken to absorb toxins from the stomach and intestines after food poisoning, or after taking an accidental overdose of something. It wasn’t environmentally unfriendly – it just created some ugly looking dark clouds in the air, thus good we looked for alternative sources of energy.

Do windmills help the environment ? If you ask me, they destroy beautiful landscapes and sceneries.

Here we have the sun, the greatest source providing us with energy “for free” and don’t take full advantage of it ? Remember physics class, using a magnifying glass to burn a piece of paper ?

Imagine using a giant magnifying glass absorbing/accelerating the light of the sun to generate heat, instead of heat being generated by nuclear fission using uranium. I can’t see why that can’t be done. Plus it leaves no garbage, like plutonium.

The very best idea, however, would be to create a cycle where electricity never runs out. A perpetual mobile, of a sort. A cell absorbing light form a lamp, converting it into energy/electricity which flows directly to the lamp that provided the light for the cells to absorb. A perfect cycle of a light source providing itself with electricity. We could have that in each of our homes in no time.

The same concept can be used for machines; the turning around of a washing machine, or dryer, generates constant energy ? Sources for environmental friendly energy are as endless as imagination providing us with ideas.

But landfills ? If they were exclusively of organic materials, ( food waste; egg shells, citrus, banana peel, paper, etc) allowing it to decompose, it would have been short of brilliant. The heat created during the decomposition progress could be harvested, turned into energy, while the whole thing creates good ole fashion compost.

But dumping all sorts of rubbish into a landfill, without a back up plan ?
Really, what the hay are some people smoking ?

PS: If those who were given a chance at playing government, starting 1969, want to throw in the towel, realizing they don’t really know what they’re doing ( including medicine), they’re welcome to do so. Just let those, who allowed the ” know it alls” to lead their own folks into a dead-end ally, know about it. Perhaps they can guide them back in the “right” direction.



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