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Al Qaeda at our Borders ?

The i-word ?
by Korifaeus

Thousands upon thousands of illegal immigrants cross the Mexican/Texas, as well as Arizona and New Mexico border annually, which includes adults, teenagers and parentless children.

Most come without ID’s, documentation as to their nationality – some speak a little english, most speak only spanish, especially the children.

Since they don’t have identifications, officials have to trust that they’re Mexican, or from another central or south American country, as they’re being told.

Most people are hardly able to tell the difference between a central or south American national and a south Asian national. They look strikingly similar due to skin tone, hair color and eye color. Nor would most people be able to tell the difference between a middle eastern national and a Mexican or central American national.

In some cases it would even be difficult to tell the difference between a north Korean and a central American national. Were all of the above to speak spanish, perfectly, they could all get away with being of central or south American descent.

Let’s take Indonesian and Malay nationals as an example, since many belong to Daru Salam, which is an extremist teaching of Islam. Daru Salam Publishing, btw, is responsible for having published the Korans with anti-Jewish as well as anti-Christian sentiments. Such anti-sentiments are often found on the first pages.

These Korans, published by Daru Salam, ( Daru Salam University and publishing was founded in Brunei ) are sold all over the Arabian continent, as well as other Arabian countries, by Pakistanis, Malays, Indonesians, having established businesses in these countries after originally coming to these countries as immigrant workers.

Thus those unaware of the difference between an Arabian Koran and one published by Daru Salam, are understandably so, shocked when reading anti-Jewish or anti Christian sentiments on the first pages, believing all Korans are like that and that SLM is against these Religions and its people. That in return reflects terribly on actual adherers of SLM.

Since Indonesia and Malaysia have strong ties to Al Qaeda, it doesn’t seem improbable that many youngsters are trained in spanish, which is easy to learn ( young people learn languages very easily ) to then be sent to central American countries, via ship, freighters, etc, whose freights are rarely controlled in those countries – it’s also rather easy to bribe customs officers at those harbors and smaller harbors, of say Mexico or Guatemala, are unattended.

Even for ethnologists, with a trained eye and knowledgable about specific details of different ethnic groups, their culture, etc. it’s not always easy to tell, at first glance, if one is dealing with an Indonesian national or a central American – unless they were born in these countries, having spent at least the first four years of their lives there. From belly button cuts, to circumcisions – which are differently administered from culture to country – to new-born piercings of earlobes, and so on – which can give a hint as to the country of birth of a young person, as well as adults.

With all we’re told about possible terror threads and Al Qaeda, how can we continue to allow ” illegal” immigrants to come and stay in this country, when unable to tell the difference between a Mexican or an Indonesian who may belong to a group that is not friendly minded toward us ?

It seems utterly absurd for civil rights activist to protest against deportations of illegals, even suggesting to ” drop the *i word “( * i.e., Illegal… Aliens).
Thus my question to them is, ” Can you tell the difference between a Mexican national coming here to find work or a spanish speaking Indonesian, who my belong to a terrorist organization, coming here for …we don’t know what ?

Is it thus not time all parties come to an agreement to close the borders, not allowing illegal immigration, to protect the country and its people from possible harm ?
illegal |i(l)ˈlēgəl|
contrary to or forbidden by law :

Other words for Illegal = unlawful, illicit, illegitimate, criminal, felonious; unlicensed, unauthorized, unsanctioned forbidden, prohibited.
ANTONYMS lawful, legitimate.



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