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What to look for in a President

Weaknesses and Strengths
by Korifaeus

Thus far, in all of my years watching Candidates i have yet to hear an innovative idea no other candidate has mentioned before. An idea where one would respond with
” WOW, that is BRILLIANT !!! ”

And that’s what a President of the United States should be, ” Brilliant”. Someone better than all the rest, with ” superior” intelligence.

But regardless of who the candidates of either party, most of the time i’m under the impression they’re running for a Mister USA contest; especially when hearing political commentators ask ” With whom would you rather drink a beer ?”.

Pardon me, but no one is looking for a ” buddy” to grab a beer with. People are looking for a leader, not a pub companion.

It’s time we start looking for a President, not someone we can imagine hanging out with.

A Presidential candidate doesn’t have to wear a pair of jeans, t-shirt, sneakers and act as though he’s a homeboy. An act always looks phony on camera. I clearly remember John Kerry serving pancakes for a photo-op., filmed and broadcast via the news, while keeping his left hand in his pant pocket. It’s those little blunders candidates aren’t aware of, making them instantly appear insincere.

Then there was the democratic convention with candidate Edwards in the balcony, and just as he “shushed’ his wife it was caught on camera – when suddenly he gained awareness of being filmed his lips turned into a smile. I wish broadcasters would replay that scene because it was so telling.

Candidate Bush ( 43) cleaning his reading glasses on the jacket of the female Letterman show producer, while running for his first term, when the show went on a break, was something different however, because he’s well known to be a jokester.
But what exactly the dark spot inside the palm of his right hand was, visible when visiting the Letterman show at another occasion, i believe, is something i couldn’t figure out. Also spotted by millions of viewers.

There is no hiding from the camera – the camera sees all. It spots candidate’s blunders, it even saw Geraldo Rivera’s covered-up Magen David tattoo between his index and thumb, which was turned into a heart when he interviewed Arafat some years back. My inner thought, when spotting it, was, ” What was the Magen David tattoo supposed to cover up ?”

Point being, the camera captures all, thus it’s best candidates act according to their nature – natural. The closest they are to themselves, the more sincere they come across, and that’s what voters are looking for ; sincerity.

I rather see Mitt Romney’s wife wear a $900.00 blouse, than dress down in jeans and white t-shirts to have her appeal to the poor, lower and middle class voters. She can wear a $5000.00 blouse, for all i care, as long as it’s not paid for by the people’s funds. And that’s the point.

Mitt Romney is not running for the Presidency of Cuba; he’s running for the Presidency of the United States.

People should keep in mind, or at least be told, that folks on the world stage are given free clothes from designers, the same way actors are given free gowns from designers to wear at the Oscars, as well as Jewelry from famous jewelers. It’s free advertisement for designers and businesses.

” You hold a coke while being filmed and i’ll donate an x amount to your campaign. Deal ?” There ye go.

Celebrities are sent tons of sneakers, shoes, hand bags, clothes, etc., to wear at functions, or be photographed wearing it. It’s a good thing to keep that in mind. Thus it’s no doubt possible the blouse was a present from a designer. And even if it wasn’t, what’s wrong with the wife of a wealthy man wearing an expensive blouse ? Spending money = helping the economy.

But let’s get back to the candidates. What is it Obama is saying that we haven’t heard before ? Let’s face it, Obama’s problem is not his politics, nor his appeal – he has appeal – lots of it – but he’s lost his “mystery”.

Obama’s problem is that voters grew tired of seeing him. He’s been over exposed. He has been the most visible President in the history of this country. When starting his term it seemed as though he was a Sheikh of an Arabian country with Posters and paintings of him in store windows, even pubs and restaurants. His first years were spent attending town hall meetings, it seemed, constantly broadcast on TV, as though he was still running for President.

Folks watching him on TV during the first 2 years of his term, looked at the TV repeating the ole American phrase: ” Hey, you got the job- stop campaigning”.
People need a chance of “craving” to see the President. Last year’s state of the Union address was received with, ” Not him again”, by a great majority of Americans, rather than ” Oh wow, let’s watch the President”.

He’s become a pop-icon. Politics has turned into pop-culture during his term, which was very apparent during the recent White House Correspondent’s dinner – formerly a “sophisticated ” event, now turned into a pop event with hollywood stars and starlets attending the gathering. Quite frankly, it makes the Presidency look cheap and purchasable.

The other problem he has, which has yet to be addressed by the media, is that his demeanor, bearing and speech pattern comes across as though he was a recruit of Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam. All that’s missing is a bow tie.
Needs to be said, ‘cuz that’s what voters are thinking to themselves, but have yet to see their concerns addressed in the media. Fear of Farrakhan or why does no one talk about that which many folks are thinking ?

Forget the pollsters. It’s a bunch of nonsense projecting a view “onto” the people, rather than “reflecting” a view of the people. Go speak to people in different neighborhoods to hear what they really think. People want to be in ” awe” of the Presidency.

Campaign strategists are utterly out of touch with the people. All they do is create a “projectional strategy” to manipulate voters, with terms such as “The people want to this, the people want to that”. It’s pompous and arrogant to pretend knowing what people want, especially since they never talk to the people. Whenever such a phrase is uttered it’s a shoe in sign that they’re absolutely clueless, trying to tell people what they “should” be thinking – it’s projection.

Mitt Romney doesn’t have a weakness. And because he doesn’t have a weakness, nor skeletons in his closet, the opposition is trying to use his strengths against him. His strengths of being upright, hard working, wealthy, successful, a businessman, leader, good father, good husband, and on top of that a Gentlemen who so happens to look Presidential = all the qualities we’re looking for in a President.

We all have the opportunity to do the “right” thing, or we can do the left thing. But remember, whomever you’ll be voting for, keeping all of the above in mind, thinking for yourself instead of having someone tell you what to think, there is such a thing as righteousness, but there is no such thing as ” lefteousness” for a very good reason.

For my part, i prefer to continue looking into the same direction the Eagle of the Great Seal of the United States is looking, to look toward Justice, Peace and Prosperity.

God bless America



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