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Does youtube support slander ? Apparently so

Psychological intimidations
by Korifaeus

That we’ve arrived at the era of a dumbing down is nothing “k’new”. And that it’s become acceptable for folks to laugh when someone slips on a banana peel( America’s funniest Videos), or find it funny when someone is publicly humiliated( American Idol) just for having had the courage to become a contestant, while we’re being encouraged that it’s okay to laugh at those people, is not new either; we’ve all witnessed school bullies making fun of the fat kid, the one with glasses or the red heads.

But when exactly did it become acceptable for people to publicly slander, belittle and attempt to psychologically intimidate others is probably as surprising to you as it is to me; because it appears it’s not just accepted but “supported” by a great many of our youth, as well as adults today.

This is a video of a young man with a monetizing youtube channel, “diagnosing” one of the most well known youtube personalities, with not one, but “several” mental illnesses. Though Symphonious7, the one slandering his fellow youtuber, is neither a Psychiatrist, therapist nor medically trained to diagnose anyone, no one has stopped him from publicly bad mouthing a fellow artist. Where is the cyber police, i wonder ?
And does Youtube approve of that ?

Here are the two videos publicly slandering a person.



Mind you free speech is one of the wonderful things granted to everyone via our constitution. Slander, however, has little to do with free speech and is “against” the law. An ” opinion” differs also from making an “accusatory statement”. (Fighting Word doctrine: Chablinsky versus New Hampshire 1948)

Any human being with decency and common sense morality, watching this video, will get a knot in his/her stomach. It’s obvious that he’s trying to make a confident person insecure about himself, trying to talk him into “questioning” himself. One may wonder what it is that behooved this young man to literally “smear” someone publicly, since it doesn’t seem to make any sense ? Considering the one being smeared is a highly successful, as well as quiet talented youtube personality, who came up with an original and innovative concept – something the smearer may wish to achieve – it doesn’t seem improbable to assume that the smearer was motivated by ” envy”.

Envy is, after all, the root of all evil. And to me personally, it appears rather evil to slander someone so publicly.

What’s interesting is one of his first statements: ” I’m not a hater – don’t think i’m a hater”.
He appears to think that he may come across as a hater with his following statements. It’s “he” judging himself, because no one would ever think that someone apparently trying to ” help” is a hater.

In order to see if, perhaps, the slanderer meant indeed well, trying to help someone, i gave it the benefit of the doubt and looked at ONISION’s ( the one being smeared) channel. It is very obvious that it’s all a farce, a mocking of society and that the evil doings, of which he is accused of, are a “gimmick”, a shtick. It’s an act, which is obvious to most everyone – he’s not bad mouthing, rather playing an eccentric character” – a part. It’s a character he created for his channel series, which is quite humorous.

Assuming Symphonious7 wanted to indeed “help” and reach out to Onision, believing wholeheartedly there may be something troubling him ( which i doubt) he could have sent him a private message, an email, contact him privately via Facebook, or such? That would have seemed like the right thing to do.

Looking at the timeline when Symphonious7 created his channel and the timeline when Onision, the accused, created his channel, it doesn’t seem improbable that Onision “inspired” Symphonious7 to become a youtuber. In fact, when comparing the channels and videos, it looks as though Symphonious7 copied quite a few of Onision’s ideas, especially camera movement, editing, etc.

The reason all this got to my attention is because i used youtube to upload videos for my Entertainment website and a little while back i began receiving ” odd” comments and messages from Symphonious7, as well.

Thus i took a closer look at his channel, since his behavior seemed rather unorthodox, not to say ” peculiar”, and saw the videos in which he slandered Onision. Now all began making sense. A talented kid who believes he should be a superstar and at least in the league of youtube personality Onision, but has not achieved it as yet, thus instead of trying harder, being patient, giving it some time, he belittles those by whose talents, and/or successes, he feels threatened, which is not an uncommon behavior , especially amongst peers. There are uncountable examples of similar behaviors:

1. The girl slandering the pretty girl in school, spreading untruths and rumors to make herself look good while trying to make the one, by whose prettiness she feels threatened, look bad. We’ve all seen it and some of the stories even made the news – teenagers committing suicide after lies were spread about them. Envy and jealousy is an alarming personality flaw creating nothing but evil.

2. Cyber bullies intimidating teenagers until they become depressed, even commit suicide, while the parents had no idea why their once jovial child began withdrawing and isolating itself – filled with fear to even interact, afraid to face insults and attacks.

This was my first experience with a cyber bully and i was a bit what taken aback by the young man’s viciousness, never having encountered such “shrewdness” in a young person before. Being an older person, it is my duty to try and prevent someone capable of causing harm ( Psychological or Physical) of causing harm to others, specifically youngsters, some of whom are on youtube, with no way of knowing how to deal with attacks of that sort, vulnerable and easily intimidated by disguised manipulators/intimidators. Some of whom may be very talented but could easily be talked out of pursuing their talents and passions, just by someone saying: ” Your stuff is so bad, you should stop embarrassing yourself” – which is a common tactic of “trolls”. ( Internet trolls).

Eventually i checked into a forum where he began slandering my channel, to take a closer look into it, and it didn’t take long for him to diagnose me, too.
” You need to be on meds – you need therapy – you suffer from megalomania – you have REAL problems – you need to see a Psychiatrist, etc”

Pretty much identical of what he accused Onision of being = psychologically troubled.
To anyone with common sense, or educated in Psychology, it’s obvious that what the accuser is doing is to throw stones into the mirror. Psychology 101.

It’s okay and am glad it was me – it doesn’t affect me – but next time, maybe right now, there is a kid being intimidated, a teenager psychologically terrorized, young people slandered as to their talents and i wonder who’ll come to their rescue ? Who’s protecting them ? They keep their internet lives private from their parents, and Symphonious7’s parents, i’m sure, don’t know he’s “diagnosing” fellow youtubers and slandering them, either.

The internet should be a place where young people can “safely” interact with the world, especially the ones who’re bullied in school. The Internet should be their safe heaven, where they have the opportunity to “freely” express themselves and their talents. It’s up to us grown-ups to assure our youth the chance of having a fancy free child hood, the same way we were given a chance to experience a fancy free childhood.

Yes, free speech is allowed, but not slander. Slander is against the law. Slanderers, Cyber bullies, Psycho-terrorists and vicious intimidators should be removed from the internet, the same way criminals are taken of the streets, for the safety of the public.

Those witnessing behavior capable of being very harmful, not doing anything about it, perhaps even supporting it with a flawed excuse, saying it’s ” Freedom of speech”, will have to accept the responsibility of being partly guilty, should a person end up being harmed, which could have been avoided had a witness/witnesses brought attention to such behaviors.
It takes courage to speak up, but it rewards us with a clear conscience, and a clear conscience makes us fearless – those who have nothing to hide have nothing to fear.



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